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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

U 2 Kewl Fashion Trivia-March

U 2 Kewl Fashion Trivia
By Steve Millard

(for rules see the first blog post U 2 kewl Fashion trivia)
March Fashion trivia

The first challenge is a fashion designer.
In 1960 this designers skirts was among
the shortest in Paris which didn't go over
very well.
Who is this designer?

March 1, 2012
Here we are in March as Spring gets a little closer.
Still no takers...
Oh well.
on to the clues.
Here we go clue 2 for the
Fashion trivia challenge.
clue 2:
Speaking of controversy.
this designer sparked a bit
of controversy
in 1993 during the Milan Fashion Week
when he hired Moana Pozzi, a strippeer/adult film star,
to model his Fendi collection.
This decision caused the editor in chief
for Vogue to walk out.

March 2 third and final clue

Ahhh so still no takers.
Here is the third and final clue.
A French reality series entitles
Signe' Chanel
in 2005 was the focus of this
fashion designer.
Who is he?

March 3, 2012
Wow, no takers, hmmm.
I guess the cat got y'alls tongue.
Oh well'
the show must go on.
The answer for this challenge is Karl Lagerfeld.
Be sure to read the blog
"Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld"

Next Challenge:

Clue One:
This Fashion Model was the only model
to grace the cover of Glamour Magazine
in 2006.
Who is she?
March 4, 2012
So here we are
another day.
Along with that is
Another clue
In this challenge
of Fashion Trivia
Clue 2:

The "Pink Line" for Victoria Secrets
received their first
in 2004.
It was none other than this
fabulous Model.
Who Is She?

Mach 5, 2012

The sun is out and it is time to rock and roll.
Here we are with Fashion Trivia.
Bet you cant guess ...who this is, HUH?
Don't be afraid give it a try.
Here we go...
oh just a sec...hmmm had to get a sip of coffee.
When 15 years old this young lady
began modeling for Dilson Stein.
Who is she?

MARCH 6, 2012

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Sun is shining
It isn't too chilly.
Good morning to every one. :)
But for the challenge.
No takers, heh
the answer to the last challenge was,
envelope please...
Alessandra Ambrosio.

>>>Next Challenge<<<
Clue One
This Fashion Model is Ambassador for both
American Society and
the USO.
Who is She?
Clue Two:
Two Italizn modeling agents noticed
this woman in a cafe located in San Fransisco?
Who is She?

Clue Three:
Here in this clue
this model an avid surfer
states that surfing
makes her feel her best.
That was in AskMen.com

MARCH9, 2012
whew, A new day.
Ready for a new challenge.
ohhh I see how you are...
Want the answer to the last challenge.
ohh ok..
The answer to the last challenge is...
Marissa Miller
New challenge now...
This person was a Male Fashion Model
performing in fashion runways
in Milan, Paris, London, and New york.
After 10 years he became a photographer in 1996.
Who is he?

Clue 2
No Takers?
Hmm, must be stumped.
Well maybe this clue will help.
This person received encouragement from
his Mother, a previous Miss Sri Lanka, who
entered him into a model search competition.
Who Is He?

Clue 3
This person serves currently is one of the judgeson
Tryra Banks "Next Top Model"
and is an ambassador for the
Who is he?


This next challenge is actually a fashion Trend.
A fashion trend which has been around for a very long time.
This fashion trend is one where individuals
expresses their uniqueness
through their style of fashion.
What is the common term for the fashion style?

Clue 2
Gaining popularity toward
the end of the 1800s one reason this fashion
style gained popularity
was because of it seemingly
"I don't give a hoot about fashion"
which in itself made it sexy.
What fashion Style is this?

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