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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gisele Bundchen: A model Icon

Gisele Bundchen: A Model Icon
By Steve Millard

Gisele Bundchen, born July 20, 1980, was the first
in a long line of Brazilian Fashion Models.
She joined a modeling course when 13 in the company of
two sisters. She had an early start in her csareer.
She was noticed by a modeling agency
then her career was on its way.

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Like Natalia Vodianova, Gisele is a Goodwill
Ambassador. Having many charities to help
one of which is to keep the enviroment clean.
She seems to be a firm believer to experience
first hand what and how people are affected.
Once she experiences the trials and tribulation
of what the ordinary people experience. She seems
to be unstoppable about striving to
make the lives of people better
by contributing or founding
charitable organizations.

It seems to be one thing most models i have read
is being caring and supportive to various
charitable organizations. What comes around goes around
and these models exemplifies that by
supporting the causes they feel endeared to.

Here are some
videos by none other than
Gisele Bundchen.

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