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Thursday, February 2, 2012


My Cheap Formal Dress
(prom gowns under $100)
By steve64501

“OMG, I can’t believe this is my cheap formal dress!” Lacy mumbles under her breath while admiring the fit of it in the full length mirror of her bedroom. When told by her parents how much she could spend on her dress.
Her first reaction was…uhh upset to say the least. She remembered clearly what she told her Mom.
“A cheap formal dress, there is no such thing” storming up to her bedroom. While cooling off she kind of like searched the internet. Then lights began to flicker. “This isn’t such a bad idea. There are formal dresses that actually are cheap. Wedding Gown, Prom gowns, Brides maid and look there under a $100.”
“Maybe, just maybe, I can get a whole outfit for cheap. Prom gown shoes and all.” Then in an attempt to mimic her parents she made the comment, “but first I have to find my cheap formal dress.” With that she started looking at the outfits. Lacy began to get overwhelmed by all the choices. Maybe you can help her. Which do you think she should choose? Add your comments below to which gown Lacy should buy.

Cheap Formal Dresses:

Hot From Hollywood

This sensual rhinestone formal gown is very elegant.
Especially nice for that woman with a fit figure with the
curves in all the right places. This gown will wow the crowd
as you have yourself looking like a goddess. Due to the fabric
it is suggested to wear a skirt slip and body shaper underneath.
Cinderella Prom Gown
This prom gown is from Cinderella.
I have to say that this one is my favorite.
It is simple yet awe inspiring.
the print pattern is why I think I really like this
gown. I just love the print. It also has the
trusty spaghetti straps and a plunge.
This would be the gown I would choose.
Well if I was a girl. I dont think
it would look very good on me now.

Grecian Satin Prom Gown

This gown from Pacific plex is for the
plus sizes. It has spaghetti straps and comes
fully lined. With details that makes it very nice.
If green is your color then this makes for
and excellent selection.

Ruched Ruffled Satin Prom Gown
This gown also from Pacific Plex looks
very elegant. With the assymetrical hemline
and the spaghetti straps along with the
ruffles. You will make your redcaprpet
entrance in style. I really adore this
gown. It comes in punior plus sizes.

Select your cheap formal dress that Lacy was struggling with.
Help her make her choice. If these cheap formal dresses doesn't suit your taste
then browse the  U 2 Kewl Store and let Lacy know which prom gown whe should buy
and why? I know you can help her make her prom successful because U 2 Kewl.

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