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Thursday, February 9, 2012


By Steve64501
In today’s economy knowing how to find cheap women’s clothing is a blessing. Now I do not mean to use this word “cheap” lossely. You know going to a garage sale and finding that “what was once a beautiful dress”- yeah right, in my grandmothers time. I am not putting down garage sales…you can find some bargains there.
I knew one woman garage sailing was a passion of hers. It provided a whole Saturday of entertainment. Newspaper in one hand with a list of all the garage sales. However, for some people having the time or the means to make those sales is just as precious as the idea of saving a buck. Then the question is how do I find cheap women’s clothing. Not just cheap but also quality.
DIYHere are three ways which I can suggest. The First way though is not the choice for many women. It may be time consuming. For those women who have the talent and a sewing machine available. You can find patterns for dresses and clothes at your local fabric store. They rank from easy to difficult in skill level.
For many people this can be beneficial. It can serve as a coping mechanism from the daily hum drum stresses. You can also build yourself quite a wardrobe of trendy, fashionable yet cheap women’s clothes.
Another alternative to the DIY is creating fashionable looks out of old clothes you may already have. There are several of these tutorials available on you tube. You can also go to a resale thrift store buy some t-shirts for around a dollar or men’s dress shirts for a dollar or two and create some real nifty outfits. I am talking about cheap women’s clothes like body con skirts, skirts, fashionable tank tops. Check some of these videos out.

Cheap Clothes Online. Finding cheap clothes for women online isn’t a difficult task. There are hundreds or places you can shop online. Problem is that sometimes it can be a little intimidating. “Who can you trust?”, “There are so many scams out there.”, or “you get what you pay for so if it is cheap it is gotta be cheap.”. With the technology today everything is starting to go cyberspace. So off in the www.wild blue Yonder lurks our future e-ommerce
It isn’t such a scary thing especially if you are going by word of mouth. Most of the time friends will tell you all about where they got this excellent dress. How happy she was to find this website. Word of mouth can destroy or build a company. One I highly recommend is Amiclubwear.
Today’s young woman can sometimes find it difficult. At school or work you peer wear such beautiful clothes. Or the one you don’t like walking around in her “name brand” outfit thinking she is all that. You shrug it off “well, I am not really a fashion type person” . Some people aren’t.
I had a friend who wasn’t one of them. I had the opportunity of being the sound board. She did want those nice clothes. But after the bills got paid, food for the kids, the doctor’s office co-pay for the flu the little one had…she couldn’t afford “nice clothes.”
Shop online…you can find some bargains, which is why I like Amiclubwear.
Want to be a fashionista like your favorite celebrity?
You can dress like a celebrity at AMI without the celebrity budget!

One piece here and one piece there...soo your fashionable wardrobe will be all built by cheap women's clothing.

Another place I can recommend is the U 2 Kewl Store. I try to add pieces here that I think are an item.
granted some are pricey...but others are a bargain. So feel free to try and browse there as well.
Until next time...i say u 2 kewl. Cheers

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