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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jessica Simpson: Fashion Designer

Jessica Simpson: Fashion Designer
By Steve64501

Jessica Simpson, Fashion Designer Mogul,
would be waiting for the punchline
to an interesting blonde joke.
I know a great many people over the years have come
to love and adore the popstar Jessica Simpson.
Keeping up with her was also kind of fun;
especially when she starred in her reality show
"Newly Weds".
Many people thought "How cute",
when her reference to dinner one night was
"is this chicken or is it tuna"
(the old cliche "chicken of the sea")
Here is a video which I really enjoyed her in. I think it is dynamite.

Despite how popular she became as a
pop star or actress Jessica Simpson in 2011
started make big news.
Is she gaining weight?
Jessica Simpson is pregnant?
From a public appearance in a very form fitting dress
That needless to say showed the dress clinging tightly
to the midsection.
The biggest news to many
was that Jessica Simpson would become
the first celebrity/fashion designer
to achieve 1 billion dollar in sales.

For those who enjoy Jessica Simpson clothing you might find a few tid bits below.
Jessica Simpson clothing apparel, shoes, accessories are
all quite nice. Below is just a sample of some of
Jessica Simpson's dresses and boots.
Jessica Simpson Women's Cornelia BootFrom Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson Women's Vaness BootFrom Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Women's One-shoulder Dress with Flutter SleeveFrom Jessica Simpson

So as you can see Jessica Simpson Clothing and Apparel is doing better
than her singing and acting.
It doesn't matter whether
you are talking about Jessica Simpson dresses or jessica simpson boots
I think she has an extroidinary line.

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