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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Create A Stunning Look With A Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater

BY Steve Millard
For the fall and winter fashion trends some of you may wonder how to look stylish in a flattering way yet remain warm. This blog post will explain how to create a stunning look with a cowl neck tunic sweater.
These tips could apply to any tunic sweater or sweater dress for that matter. However I think the cowl neck tunic sweater has a special appeal to it. It is a modest clothing choice. Yet, despite the modesty, a woman can create a stunning look with it. Irregardless of her size or shape. Petite or plus size women and including hourglass figures can all look stunning in this sweater.
But first here are some tips on how to look good wearing them.
I felt this video is very well done with some awesome tips. I really like how Chantililiscious described accesorizing the tunic with a belt. It does add a little pizzazz. Wouldn't you agree.
After thinking on how to include other tips. To further assist you in creating a stylish look for the fall and winter fashion. I will include some do's and don'ts.
everystock photo

For the plus size woman the important things to remember is to create a smooth look by using mono-chromatic colors. I think this look would have been much better is she chose a similar tunic to the bottoms. A charcoal grey would have been an excellent choice. Even a deep burngundy color would have been a better choice for the top. The cream or tan color just doesn't do it here. Since she appears to be at home you can't say much for the shoes. However, shopping or dining out the shoes has got to go.  Some mid-calf boots would be a much better choice.
every stock photo
I think this look is very nice. It would probably be excellent for like a Chrsitmas party or something.
For casual day wear I would tend to say two things. The pants should be a neutral color. Secondly I personally believe boots go better with skinny jeans or leggings. Wouldn't you agree?
every stock photo
Too many colors. Forget the printed top. If worn with a blazer plain would have been a much better choice.
The pumps does not do the outfit justice. Mid calf boots would have been a better choice.

Well, these are the tips for creating a stunning look with a cowl neck tunic sweater. And here is an excellent
choice for the sweater. It is SWEET.

Patty Women Sexy Drape Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Party Knit Dress (Black Small)

I welcome feedback on this but I feel this sweater has a very strong sex appeal to it. Sluttish it isn't. Very flattering and excellent if worn with leggings, skinnies or hose.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Give me some feedback and let all the readers know if you agree
or disagree with my input.
Til next time Cheers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best Black Friday On-Line Shopping Deal

Steve Millard
Ready or not! November is almost here. The winter holidays are approaching. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Then that exciting yet fearful day. Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. The day the shopping fanatics live for. The day others may fear. Opting to stay at home. Safe and warm. Perhaps, enjoying the Black Friday shopping on-line.

I found a deal for those with the Black Friday Shopping On-line fever. I had to share it with you.
Actually, it is affordable you can even shop now and be very fashionable and warm for your shopping spree on that special day.

Patty Women Sexy Drape Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Party Knit Dress (Black Small)

This dress is very appealing. It has that professional look yet sexy at the same time. There is no need to ever wonder if this dress is trending. It has the classical look. Always in style. At least for the fall and winter. The knit creates a very clingy look so you can expect this dress to show all your curves. the cowl neck shows off your chest in a very tasteful way. The belt is not included with the dress but is does add to a very appealing look.

This Dress has a 5 star review rating with Amazon. Here is what one customer said about the dress.

From Amazon
A.M. Telford
"This dress is awesome. The material is very soft, wears nicely and its the perfect length for wearing to work. I was hesitant to buy it because it said the shopping would take almost a month, but I actually received it in a little over a week. Very impressed with this dress and would definitely recommend this product and this seller"

Patty Women Sexy Tied Off One Shoulder Party Blouse Top (Black X-Large)

The tied off one shoulder look creates a very appealing look. This blouse creates an excellent party dress for the evening. This dress comes in a variety of colors. this makes it exceptional to be stylish in the fall/winter fashion trends. Use the neutral colors and accessorize it for the trends, or purhase red color which is trendish and makes a definite fashion statement. This blouse has a review ratintg at
4 1/2 stars. Very affordable.

This blouse I had to give two different views. I like this dress. It makes an excellent pary dress. For those clubbing nights.
The open back lace-up top is very sensual.

I enjoy the styles of Patty's fashion.
Most of her looks are very sexy.
Most of her clothes are very reasonably priced.
Allowing the customer to dress sexy, stylish.
When a woman feels sexy; she is sexy.
This blouse has a 4 1/2 star review as well.
This blouse is very low priced. So it makes for
an excellent gift for yourself. Or someone else.

Patty Women Unique Corset Embroidered Back Cap Sleeve Boho Clubwear Blouse Top (Red Small)

I hope you liked these choices. I hope this can create a satisfaction to enjoy your Black Friday on-line shopping spree. Well anytime for that matter.All three pieces create a very stylish look for the Fall/winter Fashion Trends. All three I think will make you the PARTY GIRL. So rock it BABy!
Stay warm enjoy the holidays. "cause U 2 KEWL. Steve

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cheap Christmas Dresses

Cheap Christmas Dresses
By Steve Millard
As we enter into the Holiday Season, one thing may come to mind, CHRISTMAS PARTIES. The economy being tough as it is you may have spent your year buying cheap clothes for women. Now with Christmas just around the corner. The question lingers in your mind, "Where can I buy a cheap Christmas Dress?"
Whether for the work Christmas party or the Christmas party at your favorite club. It would be nice to have a nice new dress. A dress that would be comfortable. A dress that would be stylish. A dress that is cheap. Welcome to U 2 Kewl. Here I will introduce you to three dresses that makes for the perfect "cheap christmas dresses".

Colorful Metallic Print Criss Cross Halter Mini Dress Made in USA (Medium)

For evening wear this dress is awesome. If you like the figure hugging dresses. I like this dress because it is so sexy looking. Now understand I am speaking from a guys point of view. If you wish to have a dress that will make you the "Diva de Fashionista". This dress is it.

The criss cross halter style dress looks so awesome. Showing off your shoulders and arms. The dress is also short to really show off those legs. The fabric is clingy and will accentuate your figure. The colorful print is really flattering.

Top it all off, you will not believe the price on this dress. It is like, totally affordable.

                               Funky Printed Multi Strap Sexy Mini Dress Made in U.S.A. (Small)

This dress will be a pain in the neck. That is for the guys trying to check you out. I think the red, black, and white paint splatter creates an eye catching appeal. Once you put this dress on you will be one little hottie. The cut out shoulders and the scoop neck really gives this dress kind of an elegant look. Another shortie to show off those legs. This dress looks like it would be a star attraction on the dance floor.

And again, the price is unbelievable.

                                                     Sexy Black Mini Dress - Small

This dress is my favorite. A very daring look. Definitely for the late evening christmas party. The black gives is a look of sophistication. The cut and design creates a head turining dress. The multi strap open back on this halter style dress creates a very sexy look. I must say the plunging neckline doesn't look bad either. This dress has some customer reviews on it. This is what one customer had to say on this dress.

From Amazon:
By themrs
Amazon Verified Purchase
I absolutely love this! I'm 5'7 137lbs and this fits me perfect. I've bought three items from this place and although I like them all this has got to be my favorite. I love the open front. It makes my boobs look great (and I by no means have huge boobs. I'm a 34C). Trust me I will be looking for more minis to buy

Again the price is unbelievable.

So when it come to looking for cheap women's clothes definitely look at U 2 Kewl.
If you can't find it drop me a note and let me know what you are looking for.

I hope you like these three dresses. Drop me a note and let me know what you think.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Women

Best Skinny Jeans For Plus Size Women
Here are what I feel has to be the best skinny jeans
for plus size women to buy.
A few features that I include are
they have to be midrise jeans.
Two no fancy embroidery
or bright stitching around the pockets
or belt line.
And Three look comfortable.


Woman Within Plus Size Petite Jean, Skinny, Stretch Tapered Leg, 5-Pocket Styling (Black Denim,20 Wp)

These jeans come in a variety of colors. Some of the colors are bright.
For the plus size woman who wishes to lure attention
away from the mid section. I suggest to
staty with the dark or neutral colors.
I like the mid rise look which will prevent the
muffin top.
These jeans I feel
can add a very fashionable look
for any plus size woman.
These jeans are lightweight jeans. I think
they create a very great look.
They look very comfortable.
They are only available in two colors.
Both are dark. Which gets my vote.
They can be dressed up or down.
Evening or day wear. 

                      BASIC Southpole Junior's Plus Low Rise Color Skinny Jeans,Light Grey,16

These Jeans are great. The problem is
they only are available in two sizes.
Size 14 and size 16.
The one thing I advise on these jeans
is to dress in dark riding boots.
Paired with a floral or pastel shade top.
I think this pair of jeans will
look incredible.
The price on all three pairs makes a vey
good budget buy.
A fashionable item for a reasonable price.
Let me know how you feel.
Drop a comment or two.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Celebrity Fashion With Paris Hilton

You remeber back in the good ole days when you could not ever turn on the news without hearing Paris Hilton's name. Paris Hilton In Jail or what about her rather untasty adult flick. It seemed as if trouble just followed her. Given now that she is a recognizeable name in fashion modeling.
I thought yes why not do an item featuring Paris Hilton
in Celebrity Fashion.
So I have two looks for Paris Hilton.
I will give you  my view on them then the one
I choose best.
We will do a simialr look.
Here Paris is looking so kewl.
Dressed in a blue floral outfit
Complimented with black hose.
This outfit really makes her stand out.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Maybe Paris ought to let
someone else dress her.
This outfit with the red undertones
just kills her looks.
Granted she is trying to balance it with
blue top and hand clutch.
It doesn't work.
To me that is a dynamite look.
Feel free to make a comment
if you agree or disagree.

Isaac Mizrahi Jeans Women's Effie Big Floral Dress, Cobalt Blue, Large

Avenue Plus Size Floral Boatneck Dress, Blue Multi 18/20

AX Paris Bold Floral Asymmetric Dress

So, now tell me which of these do you think works. My favorite is the blue floral single shoulder.
Which is your favorite?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Best Jeans For Muffin Tops

Best Jeans For Muffin Tops
By Steve Millard

Rid yourself of the muffin top by dressing in the best jeans for muffin tops. Do not ever feel you are alone in the battle of the muffin top. You aren’t. When you consider approximately 90% of women have at least one thing they would like to change about their physical appearance. The muffin top is in the top 10 of those things.

    Muffin tops are created by a couple of things. One is the jeans may be too tight. The second cause is the cut is not correct. Many jean designers goes after the popular trend of the low rise jeans. Sad to say for many women this creates that despised muffin top. However, do not make the mistake of going the opposite direction. The high rise “momma’s jeans” will not do you any justice.
To create a very sexy look. You can opt with a mid-rise jean. Do not choose this denim where the waist is not too tight. Rather go with a fit that is just snug.I am sure that you will be quite pleasantly pleased with these three pairs of jeans.

Levi's Women's 529 Styled

 Curvy Mid Rise Boot Cut Jean
From Levi's

 This is a Boot cut jean with a double button
waist. It is designed to provide a full back
coverage. It is discounted by $20 so it makes
a great purchase to add to your wardrobe.

Out of 5 stars it has received a 4 1/2 star review.
You can read what customers has said about it

By Christine
These jeans are comfortable, the length is good, the color is dark but not too dark, and the fit (particularly in the back) is flattering. I recommend them, especially for the price

By HeatherHallywood
I'm the type of person that when I get off work, all I can think about is getting out of my heals, dress pants and into my YOGA pants. I've always HATED shopping for jeans because I would never find anything that would fit right. I like low rise, boot cut, didn't bunch up in the back, and accommodating for my small waist and "ghetto" booty. FINALLY!! I tried a pair of these on at Macy's and despite them not having my size, the fit was nice so I ordered my size through Amazon. Ok, seriously these are par with my yoga pants. I love that they are soft and stretchy, but not like cotton...they truly are jeans. Also, I love the design, stitching, and pocket detail. I'm ordering my second pair now. I do want to give one chaviot: I ordered a 12 regular (I'm 5/6"). Even though they are "boot cut", they would only comfortably go over sneakers, flats, or sandals. If you want to wear any kind of heal, make sure you order 'long'.


Levi's Women's Mid Rise Skinny Legging Jean

If you like skinny jeggings. This is your answer for that muffin top.  It is a true skinny jean. If you normally have trouble with skinnies around the thighs or calves these may not be for you. They are stretch denim but be weary. If you have skinny legs then the "true skinnies" such as these are for you.

They are a mid waist jean so it should be an excellent answer for a sexy jean that can battle the muffin top. These jeans are also marked down by twenty dollars. So why buy jeans at the lis price when you can bet them on discount.

View These Jeans At U2KEWL "A STORE"



Wrangler Juniors' Q-Baby Apache

Storm Stretch Boot Cut Jean
From Wrangler

This pair of Wrangler jeans are excellent. The cut is mid waist and designed to be snug for keeping shirt tails in. It is an exceelent jean to have on your side for the battle of the muffin top.
It has a 5 star review.
Here is what some of the people have said.
By Elena Nyhan
I am amazed at how well these fit! They stretch just enough to be comfortable, but the butt doesn't get baggy. I had to buy a size smaller than usual to get the best fit. No gap at the waist and great for riding. I am going to order another pair.
By Joyce M. Compton
Best fitting and most comfortable jeans I have owned. Great for riding! I went out and bought another pair and will eventually have all colors. You can't go wrong.

If you are then why not get an edge on it. With the correct cut jean you will never have to fear how you look. You can have the confidence a woman should have. Dressing stylish does not have to be for those elite high fashion models. You can look stylish and sexy. Any of these three jeans will do it. Hope you enjoyed. and Toodle doo.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Black Tights For Spring/Summer Fashion

Black Tights For Spring/Summer Fashion
By Steve Millard

Black Tights for Spring/Summer fashion...hmmm, will it work?
Ohh yes..be a rock a mama in those black tights.
The answer lies in how to accessorize them.
If it is dark shade of black
balance it out with bold bright.

Heavy black tights maybe with Red shorts
or skirt and a white top.

If the black is a softer hue such as grey
balance it with softer pastels.
Black tights
can create and awesome look
for your Spring/summer fashion wardrobe.
Take a look at these three
different style of black tights
and tell me which you like.

Angelina Rirpped / Patterned Opaque Tights. Unevenly Ripped in theand Back, Creating  Front a Slimming Illussion, Black , 5293E From Angelina

These tights ROCK!

Definitely the spring/ summer

evening fashion.

Bring out the stilettos.

These are sure to make you

the star of the evening.


Hot Chillys Women's Contour Ankle Petite Tight
From Hot Chillys

These tights would look great
for spring or summer.
Make it part of your evening wear.
Worn with say...white over sized men's dress shirt
lightly starched.
Ya know...
so the tail flows down over the hips.
Aceesorize it with that shoulder bag.
Maybe colorful bracelts.
Perhaps even a brooch.

Lace Footless Tights, One Size, Black Color.From Angelina

These would make you spring summer look
great for your wedges worn with a skirt.
make it a skirt with ruffled or assymetrical.
I love the look of these tights.

Leave comments and let me know which you like
and how you would wear them.
Keep kewl Steve