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Empowering Women

Empowering Women

By Steven Millard

There are a few reasons I have decided to write this article on empowering women. First, is my desire to help women empower themselves to be the confident woman that lies beneath.

Of course, many of you may have heard the old saying, “True beauty comes from within.” Sadly, most women do not believe this to be the truth. It is my belief that every woman is beautiful. The trick to showing that beauty is when she believes it to be true. That is the fundamental purpose of “Fashion”.

"I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence."

— Yves Saint Laurent

It seems as if the majority of society blames “Fashion” on one of the reasons women can not have the confidence of being Beautiful. This is not true. The main purpose of Fashion Shows is to showcase the outfits the designers have worked on. It is the people who have turned this around.

It is society that has created the idea that women have to look like the “Top Models Of The World”. The designers didn’t create this. They would prefer it not to be true. The beautiful model lures the attention off the outfit the designer worked at creating.

Neither is it fashion magazines fault. The fashion magazines publish content the public wishes to see. As a result you get the “10 Things Men Like In Bed”, “Confessions, You Never Told Anyone”, and so on. The list could go on and on. If women had the confidence in themselves Then all these articles would not be making the fashion magazines money.

According to the 2000 census women outnumbered men in the United States by 50.9 percent. Now imagine for a moment. All women possessing the confidence that they were not only beautiful. The were equal to men as well. What do you this nation would be like today?

I feel confident in saying you would not see results as these published by the Confidence Coalition.

◦90% of the women are not completely satisfied with how they look.
◦98% of women feel they are not beautiful.
◦81% of 10 year old females fear being fat.
◦57% of rock music portrays women as being a sex object, a victim, or unintelligent.

I personally feel that the organized Christian religion have had a great deal in affecting the condition women are today. I know that statement will step on a lot of toes. I will probably
be the recipient of a lot of anger. However, that is my belief. I will go in more detail on that in future articles.

I ask all women to continue to read this series of articles. Give me your input. Why? The one main reason is that you are all beautiful. You are all truly gifted. I know this world would be a whole lot better to be known as the female dominate society instead of a male dominant society. Thank you for reading this article.


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I am choosing to write this addition to, "Women Empowerment" for the local communities. The subject of this article? A marginalized sector of women. They exist in many of our communities. Some are single mothers. Others are young college students. Students with a goal. A goal of earning some extra money.

          They are prejudiced by men and women. In many communities the police and judicial system would rather be rid of these “low life” women. Then you have the religious fanatics who strives to make their heaven here on Earth. Tired of waiting for their Savior to take them to their promised land.You know the ones I speak of. The ones who claim these women demoralize the community. At least, that is what they tell their fellow pew warmers during the coffee hour.
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However, in the evenings, when they can have a couple hours of unaccountable time. You could very well find them as patrons of these women.

         I am not speaking of prostitutes. The women I am speaking of are the adult entertainers. That is what some prefer to be called. Others, prefer exotic dancers. The reason I have selected “topless dancers” for the subject is simple.Many possess the self-confidence and gifts of being excellent leaders in our communities. I am referring to the Local, County, State, or Federal levels. Many have the ability to solid decisions based on the emotional as well as the ego side. Many possess the assertiveness needed to push those dreams and decisions forward.

           The way most your communities at state and local level deal with these women is by trying to eliminate them. Many of the protesters claim they devalue the Real Estate value in the community. The facts though is that most city and county zoning ordinances places them in areas where the real estate value is already depreciated.
Many claim they create divorces. Ignoring the fact that husbands and wives should be accountable for their own decisions. These women probably helped to save many a divorce. Providing the female company for a lonely guy to talk to. Many couples forget to communicate. Some women are busy talking at, not with, their husbands; and vice versa.

In Missouri a couple of years back, they enacted new laws in an effort to force the clubs to shut down. In some local communities they succeeded. They claimed that the State Government had to protect people from their dark sides. Funny, I thought we were a democratic government. I guess democracy has come to the point of tell us how we should think and how we can be entertained. 

So the state in an effort to protect people from their dark sides caused many women to go on welfare. Unemployment was already up and with no jobs in their community. Many of these women faced homelessness. Relying on food stamps and welfare. Just so the religious fanatics could smile in all their egotistical pride.

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Yes, I have frequented some of these adult clubs. Some of my best friends were employed in these establishments. I have known a great many women who deserved better than what our government has handed them. They deserved more than what society has handed them. Many of these women possessed such Love. Love for their children. Love for their family. Many of these women have a brilliant head on their shoulder. I believe that by empowering these women, no matter if you agree with their lifestyle, they have the potential of turning this world around. I think this world is lousy, the way the male ego dominated society has chosen to create it. We all deserve better.

As the age of Aquarius approaches near. I think it is time the female dominated society teach us “males” how to do it. It is a fact that once a woman is determined and has her passion defined. You can not stop her. So I am for empowering women.

Next article will deal with some of the remarkable women I have known. What made them so remarkable. Including some of the great things they had achieved in their short lives.
Til next time Cheers. Steve


Empowering strippers

To prevent some confusion of people trying to determine the identity of these women. As The old saying goes, “The names have been changed to protect the innocent.” Also consider I have gone to topless and bikini clubs in many of the midwestern United States and a couple in Europe. The time frame has been about thirty years. During this time I have had many friends who were exotic dancers. These friendships were platonic. I have only been romantically with three.

One person who enjoyed downgrading these women. Referred to them as “sluts”. When I asked her how many she knew. Her answer was, Zero. She never knew any. Her reply was that any woman who did that for a living was a “slut”. She got upset with my comment when I told her to be careful at church. She looked at me, “Why do you say that?”.

“If that is you definition of “slut” then you better watch out for the woman sitting on the other side of your husband at church. She is likely going to be the one who steals your husband away.”

Needless to say she became upset.

Anyway, back to the article, “Please allow me to introduce to you just a few of the topless dancers I have known who were empowered women.”

Amy: Amy was a stunning woman with a heart of gold. Amy had of passion for dance. To her dancing was a means of self-expression. She loved to utilize her tai chi when she danced. As a child she was raised as a nudist. She had been to many nudist resorts and beaches here in the US and also in Europe. So her choice to dance topless was not difficult.

What made her so beautiful was to see the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about her pets, Or her daily walk in the forest. Amy had a Love for animals and people. Her love extended to plants, the trees, the rivers. During the times I knew her; she was definitely my encouragement when things were discouraging.

Anastasia: Anastasia was a very beautiful college senior. At 24 I would tend to say that she had accomplished more than many do in a lifetime. She was preparing for her graduation. Her major, don’t ask. I couldn’t even pronounce it much less spell it. It had something to do with microbiology. She was a extremely intellectual. In my opinion she would probably put most Chief Financial Officers to shame. She owned a house. When I say owned I do not mean mortgaged. The house was already paid off. She was making payments on her second house.
Her goal was to retire by the time she was 30. She had it outlined how that dream was going to be accomplished. I do not know if that dream came true for her. Having known her, I would venture to say it did.

Ann: Ann was a natural born leader. She had a knack for getting people to follow her. She loved children. With that being said I will describe a situation that exemplifies those talents. the town the club was in had an elderly woman. This woman had custody of her granddaughter. Two weeks before Christmas her house burned down while they were out. Everything lost.The police department was trying to raise money for this woman but was stumped. Ann’s heart went out for this 9 year old girl who was facing a very unpleasant Christmas.
The police officer in charge of the fund laughed when Ann told him she would be back in a week with money for the fundraiser. She told him she would have at least $1500. She motivated the other dancers who promised a percentage of the earnings. She motivated the club owner to donate a percentage. She motivated us customers to follow suit. She raised $3000. The police officer stood speechless. But that was Ann for you.

Alexis: Alexis was a psychology major with a brilliant personality. Always fun loving. In all the time I had known her she never once had a frown. I mean in the club or out of the club. She was in the process of making a business plan to open her own dance studio. Teach women how to pole dance. Professionally or for exercise. To see some of her moves on that pole seemed humanly impossible.

These are just four of the women I have known who I considered empowered. I could go on and on. But I do not think that is needed. The point is the desire to show that these women are awesome. They have dreams. They have goals. They have the passion to pursue them. These women were women who were empowered. There are many others who can be empowered if society would stop frowning down their noses at them. Treating them as if they do not matter.
Empowering women does not mean just women in your church. It does not mean women who fit your description of a woman. In order for our country to move forward. I think a change is needed. People are tired of the lying politicians. Politicians trying to build their ego up at the espense of their responsibilities. Presidential debates are not even a debate. A debate is stating your opinion of what you aim to do. Not down grading what your opponent intends to do. But this is the Male Ego thinking. Vote for me, I will have a women working on my cabinet.

    This is one of the reasons I gave up on Christian Religion. If you haven’t gathered yet. I am not a fan of Christian Fanaticism. I have not given up on God. Just religion.


I apologize for the delay in taking this article further. The reason being is I decided that I should vary from the text to that of a recommendation in reading. I found this one book that relates to this topic. The author of this book is wonderful in her efforts to  empower women to step up and be "all they should be".
I will still pursue this article further. But here is a glimpse of the book I recommend. it is an excellent read. Susan Bulkeley Butler & Bob Keefe'sWomen Count: A Guide to Changing the World [Hardcover](2010)

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Think back when you were a young girl. You played those dress up games. As you grew older you realized those games were just that. A fantasy world that you created. Sometimes besides forgetting those dress up games you may have also tossed aside those dreams of becoming the first woman president, a doctor, or lawyer. They were just fantasy. It is time to reach inside yourself and make those dreams reality. Empowering Women is about being the woman you were meant to be. That is not a woman who was meant to play a secondary role next to a man. She was meant to be equal to man.
In couples, a man was meant to cleave unto his wife and they would be one flesh. In society, it is the same way, Men ought to seek out to have the woman join so together society can be whole. Children can grow up not in a society where gender differences are taught. Children should grow up in a society where it doesn't matter if your female or male. Your dreams can come true.
This book gives some examples of how women can and should assert themselves as an equal to man. Is it possible. YES. This book is living proof.

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