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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Create A Stunning Look With A Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater

BY Steve Millard
For the fall and winter fashion trends some of you may wonder how to look stylish in a flattering way yet remain warm. This blog post will explain how to create a stunning look with a cowl neck tunic sweater.
These tips could apply to any tunic sweater or sweater dress for that matter. However I think the cowl neck tunic sweater has a special appeal to it. It is a modest clothing choice. Yet, despite the modesty, a woman can create a stunning look with it. Irregardless of her size or shape. Petite or plus size women and including hourglass figures can all look stunning in this sweater.
But first here are some tips on how to look good wearing them.
I felt this video is very well done with some awesome tips. I really like how Chantililiscious described accesorizing the tunic with a belt. It does add a little pizzazz. Wouldn't you agree.
After thinking on how to include other tips. To further assist you in creating a stylish look for the fall and winter fashion. I will include some do's and don'ts.
everystock photo

For the plus size woman the important things to remember is to create a smooth look by using mono-chromatic colors. I think this look would have been much better is she chose a similar tunic to the bottoms. A charcoal grey would have been an excellent choice. Even a deep burngundy color would have been a better choice for the top. The cream or tan color just doesn't do it here. Since she appears to be at home you can't say much for the shoes. However, shopping or dining out the shoes has got to go.  Some mid-calf boots would be a much better choice.
every stock photo
I think this look is very nice. It would probably be excellent for like a Chrsitmas party or something.
For casual day wear I would tend to say two things. The pants should be a neutral color. Secondly I personally believe boots go better with skinny jeans or leggings. Wouldn't you agree?
every stock photo
Too many colors. Forget the printed top. If worn with a blazer plain would have been a much better choice.
The pumps does not do the outfit justice. Mid calf boots would have been a better choice.

Well, these are the tips for creating a stunning look with a cowl neck tunic sweater. And here is an excellent
choice for the sweater. It is SWEET.

Patty Women Sexy Drape Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Party Knit Dress (Black Small)

I welcome feedback on this but I feel this sweater has a very strong sex appeal to it. Sluttish it isn't. Very flattering and excellent if worn with leggings, skinnies or hose.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Give me some feedback and let all the readers know if you agree
or disagree with my input.
Til next time Cheers.

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