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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Black Tights For Spring/Summer Fashion

Black Tights For Spring/Summer Fashion
By Steve Millard

Black Tights for Spring/Summer fashion...hmmm, will it work?
Ohh yes..be a rock a mama in those black tights.
The answer lies in how to accessorize them.
If it is dark shade of black
balance it out with bold bright.

Heavy black tights maybe with Red shorts
or skirt and a white top.

If the black is a softer hue such as grey
balance it with softer pastels.
Black tights
can create and awesome look
for your Spring/summer fashion wardrobe.
Take a look at these three
different style of black tights
and tell me which you like.

Angelina Rirpped / Patterned Opaque Tights. Unevenly Ripped in theand Back, Creating  Front a Slimming Illussion, Black , 5293E From Angelina

These tights ROCK!

Definitely the spring/ summer

evening fashion.

Bring out the stilettos.

These are sure to make you

the star of the evening.


Hot Chillys Women's Contour Ankle Petite Tight
From Hot Chillys

These tights would look great
for spring or summer.
Make it part of your evening wear.
Worn with say...white over sized men's dress shirt
lightly starched.
Ya know...
so the tail flows down over the hips.
Aceesorize it with that shoulder bag.
Maybe colorful bracelts.
Perhaps even a brooch.

Lace Footless Tights, One Size, Black Color.From Angelina

These would make you spring summer look
great for your wedges worn with a skirt.
make it a skirt with ruffled or assymetrical.
I love the look of these tights.

Leave comments and let me know which you like
and how you would wear them.
Keep kewl Steve

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