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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Women

Best Skinny Jeans For Plus Size Women
Here are what I feel has to be the best skinny jeans
for plus size women to buy.
A few features that I include are
they have to be midrise jeans.
Two no fancy embroidery
or bright stitching around the pockets
or belt line.
And Three look comfortable.


Woman Within Plus Size Petite Jean, Skinny, Stretch Tapered Leg, 5-Pocket Styling (Black Denim,20 Wp)

These jeans come in a variety of colors. Some of the colors are bright.
For the plus size woman who wishes to lure attention
away from the mid section. I suggest to
staty with the dark or neutral colors.
I like the mid rise look which will prevent the
muffin top.
These jeans I feel
can add a very fashionable look
for any plus size woman.
These jeans are lightweight jeans. I think
they create a very great look.
They look very comfortable.
They are only available in two colors.
Both are dark. Which gets my vote.
They can be dressed up or down.
Evening or day wear. 

                      BASIC Southpole Junior's Plus Low Rise Color Skinny Jeans,Light Grey,16

These Jeans are great. The problem is
they only are available in two sizes.
Size 14 and size 16.
The one thing I advise on these jeans
is to dress in dark riding boots.
Paired with a floral or pastel shade top.
I think this pair of jeans will
look incredible.
The price on all three pairs makes a vey
good budget buy.
A fashionable item for a reasonable price.
Let me know how you feel.
Drop a comment or two.

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