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Friday, February 3, 2012


By: Steve64501

Is there really a correlation to the rules of fashion and you when it comes to dressing your age? I know I have stated in times past on a few occasions that people should dress according to their age. Are there really any solid rules that govern this. I means, let’s face it, when it comes to the rules of fashion and you. Or maybe I should say a woman’s style there are no solid rules. There exists only rules of thumb.

In a response to a blog, “What Should A Grown Woman Never Wear”, this woman, a grandmother, described how she loved to dress sexy in showing her legs and cleavage. The responses she received would be both positive and negative. Is there really any basis for the adage “if you got it flaunt it”? I hope to answer some of these questions in this article and welcome any comments you may have about rules of fashion and you.

I will take a look at some of the rules of thumbs on the fashion styles that exist with the fashion advisors. You know those people who keep their eyes open for the “the good, the bad and the ugly” among the celebrities. The “who wore it better”, “the top ten best dressed women of the year” those type of things. These things are always in the fashion news; if you know what I mean.


Fashion Style:
 The rules of fashion, the fashion styles and you at times may not agree with one another. Every woman's style addresses who they are inside and out.  I read somewhere a few rules that according to this fashion advisor was big no nos. Woman Style number one: Dressing in low rise jeans to show off your thongs or your tramp stamp. woman's style number two: was wearing mid-riff tops to show off your belly. These rules are very popular among the younger generation.

However, if a 50 year old woman dresses such a way. Ha ha. Does it mean she going through menopause or having a mid-life crisis. A wannabe teenager. I think there maybe certain times a person can say to heck with the rules…”I look good and I know it”. Other times dressing your age is wise.


Fashion and you

During the non-conservative times. Just hanging out in general. If your personality is the rebel. Dress according to how you like. As long as it is legal. If you are 60 years old shopping at the mall and you have a great set of legs and know it…why not flaunt it. If people can’t accept it that is their problem.
In the second paragraph of this article the woman who responded mentioned wearing a string bikini to the beach. If the string bikini is acceptable in the code of conduct and the law…go for it. If that is your style and you feel comfortable with it. I have seen some 60 year old women who had the ability to really make me enjoy that adage , “if you got it, flaunt it”. I have seen some 20 year olds that I feel should keep covered up. But if they like dressing that way…who am I to judge.

In closing when the rules of fashion and you disagree. Don’t sweat it. Go with the flow…because that is what style is about. I do welcome any comments that you may have. In the mean time just remember that U 2 Kewl.
: Fashion is a generalization. The designer develops their new lines in what is expected the trend to be. Sometimes it catches and some times it doesn’t. Style is about you. If the way you dress makes you feel good by golly do it. As long as it is legal. However there are times when you should stick to the conservative view. For work and conservative functions. At these times it is best to stay within the social guidelines.
In the article “Dress Age Appropriate This Year” (written by Melissa Matthews Dec 16 and published on www.sheknows.com) is given the rules of thumb for dressing your age. These rules of thumb the fashion style has is to try to have you looking your best. According to the stereotype of your age, your body shape, etc. etc. etc. But is it wrong to go against that rule?

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