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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lexi's Fashion Misadventures

By Steve Millard
Today such a beautiful day. The first thoughts to enter Lexi’s mind while browsing her closet in an attempt to choose her outfit for the day.
Then she spotted it. Her beautiful sundress. It was a white maxi length.
She bought it on one of her excursions to snap her out of her winter blues.
Today would be such a beautiful day to wear it.
After donning the dress she fixed her hair in a loose bun. Very lightly applied a little makeup. Just a touch of eye shadow. A little eyeliner a must.
Some clear lip gloss. In front of the mirror she admired herself. A little fashionista she was. Approved of her looks. She stepped outside to wait on her little picnic date. The guy been hitting on her at work. He was kind of cute so what the heck. He might just turn out to be the one. A little grin crossed her face as his car cam around the corner.
The drive was short maybe 40 or 45 minutes. Lexi approved of his taste in music. Conversation was good. Now all settled on a blanket. Her date, Alex, was getting the food served to her. Lexi smoothed out her white sundress in an appreciation to how nice it felt on her body. The fabric wasn’t thick. And with the slight wind that blew it felt so refreshing.
The food was good. Alex actually was a good talker. Lexi enjoyed herself so much that the time just seemed to fly. The clouds started moving over head. For a moment Lexi kind of shivered from the goose pemples that the chilled wind brought on. The temperature started lowering. Lexi didn’t mind. She was enjoying her company.
Then it hit. Like a wall. Out of nowhere. A torrent of rain. As soon as they got the basket packed up. They made a dash for the car. But it was too late. By the time they got to the car. Lexi was sopping wet. Totally drenched. She brushed the water away as it dropped down her face.
After a quick glance down. She became so embarrassed. Her face reddened. So humiliated. Her worst moment ever. The sun dress was white. Now soaking wet. Her date could see through the dress. How could she have done this. Now he knows everything.
Now he could see plain as daylight her infatuation for Winnie The Pooh. Her Winnie the Pooh t shirt was so noticeable. She always wore her Winnie the Pooh t shirts. A habit she never outgrew. She loved the Winnie the Pooh.
Alex noticed her discomfort took his spring jacket off so she could put it on. That when she noticed. His Tigger t shirt. Lexi smiled then set the jacket on her lap proud of her Winnie The Pooh t shirt.



By Steve Millard

Days turned to weeks which turned into months. Now six months was approaching. Hmmm, the more Lexi thought about it the more she felt…yes. Six month anniversary called for something special. After all Alex was something special. A little grin crossed her face. Her little Tigger. That was her little nick name for him.

Lexi had been thinking about this for the last month. What to do for their 6 month anniversary. She had this little light that flickered in her mind. After all sometimes blondes can have their moments and come up with brilliant ideas. Yes…this was a brilliant idea. The first thought that entered her head was, “my little Tigger will Love this.”

She spent two months rehearsing, practicing, rehearsing and practicing some more. It was difficult after all Lexi wasn’t that much at working out. She was more comfortable sitting on her couch wrapped up in her comforter keeping up with latest reality TV shows.

Now she spent her time preparing for her 6 month anniversary. Lexi felt she was improving. Now the anniversary was approaching she had to get a special outfit. Hmm….That light bulb went off again. Twice now in a couple months. She was getting good at this. She better not let her boss know. He might expect her to think at work.

A week before the anniversary, Lexi went to Victoria Secrets. She bought a nice outfit that she was sure that Alex would like. Ohh, I mean my little Tigger. She even bought a pair of Pleaser platform sandals. With 4 inch stiletto heels. Lexi really liked these.

Then for the next week Lexi practiced in her outfit. She loved working out in her little outfit. She was so glad she spent the extra money and got the good pole to dance on. They had one cheaper but she paid the extra money to get the good one. Bought some good music. She was actually getting good on the pole. It was fun. Now she was a pole dancer.

No way could she do it for an audience. Alone in her apartment was different. She knew Alex would enjoy it. She remember the look in his eyes when he watched that stupid movie. Let me see..what was the name of it..ohh yeah-Strip Tease.

Now the night was here. Alex was seated in her living room. She had a chair all set up. So he had a front row seat to watch her. From her bedroom she put on her music. Then entered the Living room. In her French Maid outfit with stockings and garter. Her platform sandals. She Loved these sandals. They are just so cute.

She approached the pole. With all her earnestness she grabbed the pole. Kicked her feet up to make that twirl. Then it happened. At that same moment. Lexi’s sandal left her right foot. She twirled around the pole. The sandal went airborne in its flight and striking its target in the forehead. Lexi hobbled over to her Tigger barefoot on one high heel on the other. Alex was out cold.

It was about forty five minutes later after Alex came to, the paramedics were leaving her apartment. Alex refused to go to the hospital. They felt he was ok cause when he woke up he had the little wicked grin on his face. Lexi thought it was kind of cute considering the big bruise he had on his fore head.

Maybe that idea wasn’t a good idea anyway. Oh well, He wants me to try it again on another night. He said he has a head ache tonight. Gee, I thought the woman was suppose to use that excuse.

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