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Sunday, February 12, 2012


By Steve64501
Anybody who is familiar with the fashion industry probably has their favorite models…which is what led me to do this article “Adrianna Lima-Supermodel”. Developing the game of U 2 Kewl Fashion Trivia I hope is one that catches on. Now after the first week doing this article has been a great pleasure. I am a fan of Adrianna Lima, along with umpteen million other guys and girls.
It probably never occurred in her parents mind on that day June 12, 1981, the day that Adrianna was born, that as they held their new born daughter that one day she would become a would icon in the fashion world.
Adrianna Lima, a supermodel, the idea is kinda catchy.
I won’t go into a lot of detail about her. You can read the above referenced articles to get more information. One thing that really stood out is her dedication to helping children. She has done so much for children who needs help and I think in my heart that that is so admirable about her.
Another thing with this supermodel named Adrianna Lima is that one look at google search…you can get an idea of all kinds of things that people are looking for in this supermodel. Pictures of her, videos of her, her boobs and even her feet. LOL.
One thing that had a lot of people curious was the
Adrianna Lima Diet. How does a woman after giving birth to her child still maintain that model figure. One article I read showed that the author was just as curious. She wanted to do the same thing. Never fear…The Adrianna Diet is here…I am not saying it works but I guess it did for Adrianna Lima a woman with a supermodel’s figure.
For those who are not familiar with Adrianna Lima…following is a few videos of her. Enjoy!

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