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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top Fashion Model Natalia Vodianova

Top Fashion Model Natalia Vodianova
A Piscean Angel

By Steve Millard

Author’s Note:
When considering top fashion models I used to imagine
Young women who were Miss Stuck Uppish. Having a taste of the
Glamour and the publicity. Many times people’s
Heads get swelled. However, researching the Top fashion model,
Natalia Vodianove was a very pleasing experience. I feel
A great pleasure in bringing this article to you. I hope
You can make a comment or two and let me know what you think.

Reading through the history of top model Natalia Vodianova I could not help but come up with this as the title for this blog. It was most certainly a rewarding experience for myself. To see the challenges this young woman had to overcome and then be able to rise above it all. Natalia Vodianova most certainly is a Piscean Angel. A woman whom most aspiring models can look to as how success is not prejudice to economic upbringing.
Natalia Vodianova was born on February 28, 1982 making her a Pisces which seems to be very strong in her life. Gorky, Soviet Union (now commonly know as Nizhny Navgorod, Russia) is where home was for Natalia. She was raised in the poor district of the city. Her Mom did her best to raise her and her two half sisters, one of which has cerebral palsy, by operating a fruit stand.
Natalia helped her Mom whenever she was able. A few gifts that a Pisces has is the ability to observe and listen well. These gifts must have played a strong role in the life of Natalia as a young adolescent. She gained the experience to run her own fruit stand along with a friend in order to help her Mom out of poverty. A few more gifts of the Pisces. Being sensitive, compassionate, selfless and sympathetic.
At the age of fifteen after enrolling in a modeling academy Natalia was told by a scout that if she desired to succeed as a fashion model she would have to learn how to speak English. That little Piscean Angel must have listened well for she mastered the English language in 3 months.
At 17 she moved to Paris. In an attempt to further her career as a fashion model she signed on with Viva Modeling Agency. It wasn’t all peaches and cream for her. There were times that she scraped by. There were times she probably became unfocused from what her goal was. However, she never lost that goal. Through her perseverance she started to become more active on the runways.
Now she is a runway, editorial, and advertising model. She has over 175 shows under her belt in RTW and Haute Collection shows. She has gotten a taste of what it is to be an actress. Forbes Magazine has ranked her at being the 7th highest paid supermodel.
What was her secret to success? I don’t think she even knows how all this came about. After reading her story I can formulate what I believe to be the secret of her success. One thing to understand is that we are all a product of our experiences. Despite being raised at home with just a Mom as a parent. Her Father abandoned them when she was little.
Witnessing her Mom working hard to provide for them. That created in her a dream to help her Mom out of poverty. Without an ego and never mind the pity potty she did what she had to do. With the determination to succeed she set the pattern into motion. She created the vibrations around her to succeed.
She went back to Russia with her son and discovered he didn’t have a place to play. The same was true for all the children. With that in mind she set the wheels in motion. That Piscean Angel went to work again. Her intuitiveness, selflessness, and creativeness she became founder and president of Naked Heart Foundation. An organization in Russia to create playgrounds and parks where children can play.
Through her selflessness and money she gives back to the world through her philanthropic endeavors. It was because of this that Harper’s Bazaar extended to her their Inspiration award in November 2010. It is because of these things that I refer to Natialia Vodianova as a Piscean Angel. Through her life I can say that this is the equation for success:
The desire to succeed, the determination to remain steadfast, and selfless Love to give to the universe what you are able with the gifts it has blessed you with. Those along with the perseverance to remain steadfast through the obstacles the universe places in front of you to test the sincerity of your heart. When the universe finds the selfless Love to be true you will find your hearts desires. The road wasn’t easy but it’s because of everything in her past that has created what she is today.
If by any chance she happens to read this I would like to say Natalia, Thank You.

I do hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. My apologies due to being pressed for time. Last night when I created this blog on my word processor I did not have the internet. I misplaced some of my notes and couldn't find the organization that Natalia founded. It is corrected now. The organization is Naked hearts foundation