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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fashion Week NY

By: Steve64501

As this week draws close to an end so does another Fashion week NY come to an end. Held biannually Fashion Week NY draws world wide attention in fashion community. The most popular of these events is what is now come to be known as the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week of NY City. Which is held currently at the Lincoln Center.

However, amidst all the hustle and bustle there are also other less popular fashion events. I would tend to say project runway is one of these. There are also other runway fashion shows that are not connected with the main event. Smaller independent designers showcasing their work in a more cost efficient way. Eliminating the cost of the world supermodels by utilizing local talent. Others making do with their work showcased on mannequins.

Now that New York is recognized as one or the leading cities of Fashion. It ranks right up there with Paris, Milan, and London. It took some work and was not always like that however. Pre-World War 2, Vogue magazine and other leading fashion magazines at that time didn’t waste their space with American Fashion. They covered the highly more prestigious fashions of Paris, France.

It was through the diligent effort of one Lady That Fashion Week NY exists. This Lady was recognized by the NY Times as the Empress Of Fashion. Eleanor Lambert, born in Indiana, received her advanced schooling from the John Herron School of Art as well as the Chicago Art Institute. In the beginning she worked with an advertising agency dealing with artists and art galleries.

As the years advanced, she became a fashion publicist, which was her occupation in 1943. Due to World War 2 it had become difficult for many fashion reporters to follow the fashion news in France. Eleanor then put together her idea and followed through the organization of what was to be called Press Week. Showcasing the American Fashion for the fashion reporters. It was to be the World's first Fashion Week.

That is right originally it was an event for the fashion reporters of the American leading fashion magazines in USA to meet their deadlines and fill their pages with fashion pieces. It was American fashion instead of the fashion of Paris, France. The buyers, they still had to go to the designers to see the outfits.

Only time could tell. This idea of Press Week caught on. And became a regular theme.
Eventually the name Press Week was dropped and was renamed Fashion Week. As the nations economy went up and down so did the Fashion Week NY. Ohh, it was still in practice. The Idea never dropped. Due to the economy and other reasons the Fashion Week NY had to adapt and adjust. Such as its move in 2010 to the Lincoln Center. It has really taken a boom since 2009 due to the world technology.

It is no longer an event only for the press. It is an event for the press, the buyers, and celebrities. As Fashion Week makes it progress with the world wide web. People can watch from the comfort of their home as it streamed live on You Tube. The super models that highlight these shows with their straight face mannequins are recognized through their fans in the you tube videos. Who had the best runway walk? The Music Videos that has the Models lip syncing. I thoroughly enjoy them Thanks to Justin Wu and Ken Butti.

So kick back and relax as you enjoy these videos and get a taste of what Fashion Week NY is all about. Cheers.

Here are some samples of Fashion Week NY 2011.

This final one is one of my favorite. I love this video.

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