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Sunday, February 19, 2012

How To Wear Spring Trends

By: Steve64501

The Spring Trends comes to my mind today as February prepares to end and March is just around the corner. Today has been especially nice and I know quite a few people are getting yancy to bring out their spring wardrobe. So earlier I was on the computer and browsing around couldn’t help but look at some of the spring and summer fashion shows for 2012.

As amazing as some of the shows are I would like to ask you what are your plans for the spring outfit?
Ahhh, If you had to think about that for a second. Or ask yourself what is the trends for the spring. Then I hope you will continue to read this article where I will offer some tips to the Spring Trends. After offering these tips to the Spring Trends I will guide you step by step and show you some tidbits of fashionable pleasure. I would like to let you peek at some items on sale in the U 2 Kewl store that fit right in with what Spring Trends that you can buy now.

So if you are ready…we will prepare our journey into the spring trends of 2012 and how to wear them.

HOW TO WEAR SPRING TRENDS.During the runway shows for the Spring/Summer fashion shows one thing many had in common was print patterns. Some were of course simple one piece print patterns such as dresses. Others were a little more complicated with seperates which were mix matched.
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With a little creativity one can co-ordinate the prints so that they compliment each other to make a dynamite outfit that rocks. Utilizing a combination of prints that are similar in pattern and proportionate to each other and complimentary colors. Preferably with your brighter colors on top.You could also go with a mono chromatic look with print patterns that are similar and proportionate to one another.

Accessorize the outfit to tie it all together. A belt or scarf. Jewelry such as your larger ear rings. The outfits can be made to work well together. It would be more a day wear item. I would not recommend it in a professional environment.

The other alternative is wearing print dress. Instead of mixing and matching your prints you can wear outfits that are all print. One thing that needs to be said about print is your size. If you are a petite then I would recommend shying away from the print. However, in the case you are fond of print keep the print small.

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Be Cute In Pink:

I tend to believe the pink ideally should be worn as accessories or shoes. Your hot pink heels can look dynamite. A pink shirt can look very nice if you balance it out with the rest of the outfit. Charcoal grey slacks with a pink blouse would go very nice together.

To be cute in pink was a focal point on some of the runway look for the Spring Fashion Trends. The question is “How do you wear pink as your Spring Fashion Trends. Pink in my opinion can be a very daring color. Too much will ruin the look. Used sparingly the outfit can look awesome. If you have a light skin tone I would suggest keeping in line with a shade of pink in a pastel shade. If your skin tone is medium to dark go with a more bold pink.
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70’s are Groovy: The retro look is still in. I am sorry to say this cause it gives my age away. The 70’s I thought were a totally cool look. Then again that was my teen age years of life. Shorts were shorts. The sorts in the 70’s didn’t hang down to your mid-calf. The daisy dukes were in, LOL.

On the serious side the bell bottom slacks with a floppy hat. That is the 70’s look. And that look was prevalent in a fair amount of the runway looks. So you can deck yourself out in a Bo Derek style and be in with the Spring Fashion trends.

Dare to go Flare:

Ohh you aren’t a skirt type of woman. Prefer the pants. Flares are the same with these. Wear them the way they are suppose to be worn. In an office? Stay away from the low riders. The crotch of the slacks should somewhat be in close proximity to your crotch. The belt line should be approximately an inch or so below the navel. Save the low riders for the night clubs.

That is right. Those denims with the wide legs, they are still happening. For women whose lower torso is not in proportion with their upper torso is that the wide leg pants can create a balanced look.Ahh hah, So you ain’t retro, huh? Then maybe the flares are for you. One thing good is that flares go with almost all body types. It is possible for a flared skirt to give many women the illusion of a smaller waist. You can create a look with the flares that is acceptable in the professional environment or clubbing.

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Wide Legged Pants Still Happening:
Skinny women with boyish figure can wear pants with slightly wide legs and a top that goes to the hip with a sash belt around the waist and create an illusion of a more curvy figure. If you get real wide leg pants you will get lost in them and spoil the look.

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Relax in the Maxi:
Not much can be said about this. Either you like or you don’t. The Maxi though can be used to combine many of these looks. When you consider spring with a floral print maxi, some sling back sandals and that floppy hat from the 70’s. Yeah.. “you be a rockin and a rollin”.

Lookin’ Good With a Minimal Look: This look I think is one of the best. It is a more natural look. A simple outfit, such as a neutral a-line skirt and blouse. Maybe a light trench over it. To make this look effective makeup needs to be minimal.

Excellent daywear and can be even worn as a professional environment. Some of the hairstyles that can make this look superb is the wet hair look. After you wash your hair you tie it up in a bun without drying it. Allow the hair to dry on it own. Even though it looks like you may have overslept and didn’t have time to dry your hair. It is a look I think is terrific.
Be A Blackbelt:
If it is daywear then imagine a moment black rider boots with dark grey legging a white peasant top with a black belt around the waist. With this look a large shoulder bag is good.

Go For Color Block:

 The color block was prevalent on a few of the runways. The color block is a mod look and is a fabulous look. Here is one article I would suggest you check out. It is a color block designed my Stella McArtney that gives an illusion of a slimmer figure. Color block is ideal no matter the time. Day wear or night wear. I suggest you check this trend out in more detail.Everyone Has An Opinion, What’s Yours?

There you have it. The major trends for the Spring fashion. If your opinion doesn’t match mine leave a comment and let the other readers know how you would wear these trends.
That way everyone will have more options in how to wear the Spring Trends. Cheer

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