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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hot High Heel Interview

My Hot High Heel Interview
By Steve64501

Hello, and welcome to my interview with a pair of hot high heels.
What’s that? Ohh, the band-aid. Its nothing, just a mishap. I had the most pleasurable experience…uh, a painful one too, with a pair of hot high heels.
Now everybody knows that a pair of ladies’ high heels, especially stilettos, are to say the least a pair of hot high heels.
Well I had was given the opportunity to meet with a pair a these pretty heels and interview them. Talking about shoes with a sole…these shoes got sole. I do caution you guys sometimes you have to stay in step. Offending one of these soles…I rubbed the area of my band aid, can prove to be a painful lesson.
Without further ado…I will go ahead and introduce you to none other that the heel of the hour. CLASH, “OUCH”
“Uhhh, sorry Miss Hot High Heels, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded. You gotta another band-aid.”

Elle Women's 433-viking with 4" heel knee high boot

Here is Elle featured as the Women’s 433 Viking 4” heel knee high boot with fur. I must say one look at this boot and I am sure all will agree. Some boots just has beautiful soles. “Sorry, Miss Hot High Heel, we should have made an arch for you to make your entrance. The heel under the arch type of thing. LOL, Oh shoot Not again.” CLASH “Hah, you missed”
Miss Hot High Heels: You won’t be so lucky next time.
Me: To get on with this interview…you look absolutely terrific in the fur today? What kind of fur is it? Fox, mink. Or Bear since you are a Viking.
MHHH: I am none of the above. I am faux fur.
Me: Is that something like a deer?
MHHH: No. I said faux not fawn. I am pretend fur.
Me: I know that…I was just joking.
MHHH: Yeah right. Faux fur is so nice. It is the trend. Wearing something furry without killing an animal.
Me: Ohhh, that’s right like your friend Paprika.

From Paprika a knee high faux fur buckle strap 4" stiletto boot.

MHHH: Well sort of…I keep my self groomed, though.
Me: Here Let me show the folks your little stiletto friend.
Hey talking about a boot. This is a boot. A Knee high faux fur buckle strap stiletto boot.
Ohhh, Sorry Miss Hot High Heels…this interview is about you.
Why do you think ladies high heels are such a hot item today?
MHHH: Are you kidding. Once a woman slides her dainty little feet in a pair of pretty heels she looks awesome. They give her height. Tone her legs.
All women loves pretty heels especially stilettos.
Me: I see what you mean but you are so professional looking. I mean look at you. Wow you look so corporate. Not exactly pretty. Now take your friend Thea Platform. Ohhh wow wow wow.
Michael Antonio women's Thea Platform

MHHH: I hate her. Everybody says that about her. Me I like classy. I can go out for the evening and shake my bootie. Even though I am a boot I still have a sole.
Me: I am sorry, I didn’t mean anything like that. It is just you are so professional. Thea is more cocktail partyish.
MHHH: I can be a party animal…why don’t you put your feet in me and I will show you.
Me: Sorry Miss Hot High Heels, I put my feet in you we will both be in the hospital. And I don’t know if Dr Scholls will be able to fix you.
But it was a pleasure meeting with you for this quick interview. I hope some of the people got a chance to know you. With that I better let you go. I hope you enjoyed this short little interview with Miss Hot High heels.

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