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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Celebrity Fashion

Celebrity Fashion
By: steve64501

Some of our fashion trends develops from celebrity fashion. Yep, another night sittin’ in front of the ole boob tube. Watching the academy awards. I just love to watch these shows. Seeing what kind of outfit’s the actresses wear. While lost in my own little fantasy. Imagining me wearing that outfit. No…wait a sec, look at that out fit. Ohhh that is so gorgeous. Geez, I wish I had her…
Some of the trends are very fashionable. While others are flops. At least in my opinion. Others though are very keen to trying to dress exactly as how their favorite pop star, movie star or other celebrity icon dresses. Even though they may not have the same body shape as that icon. Heck, some of the icons don’t have the body shape to dress the way they do. Then again…that is what makes style interesting.
Take fro example the hip hop fashion scene. Now I honestly can’t figure out what is so “cool” about someone wearing their pants half way down the rear end. What happens if you gotta make a wild dash. You will be tripping over yourself. Some other trend setters are, hmmm, interesting. But I am a guy and you know how guys are. Those horn dogs. Here is a few for example.

Of course, we are talking about the fashion style of celebrity that made this song popular. Shakira, a Columbian born singer-songwriter, has reached international attention with her singing as well as her hip gyrating dance moves. Her song “Hips Don’t lie” I think is awesome. One look at her style of fashion and you can betcha that the hips don’t lie.
Her fashion style usually consists of tight clothing. You know the hip hugging. Many times mid-riff tips with low-rise jeans. Showing off her abs. which is fine if you have the body for that. Which is why I guess it is popular among the younger crowd. Some though need to dress their age. Kinda like me showing up at the beach with men’s bikini swim trunks, topless. No I don’t have a 6 pack but I gotta baby keg I can show off. (LOL)
Dressing in this style doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on designer labels that cost you more than you can afford. You can find some very, very reasonable outfits that are quite affordable. Especially if you shop on-line. Try U 2 Kewl store and just browse and see if there is anything that catches your eye. Here are some examples.
What A Dress

U 2 Kewl
Celebrity fashion can be fun. Searching out the pieces that can make you feel like a million bucks. Who cares what that jerk at the end of the thinks. You are beautiful and you know it. U 2 Kewl in that hip clinging dress. With the sides cut out. This black cocktail dress by Marysol fits right into the category of celebrity fashion. Especially while speaking of Shakira who not only makes popular the hip clinging but also shoulder bearing. This single shoulder dress really rocks.


U 2 Kewl

Now this Blue banana top is right up Shakira’s line. This shoulder bearing top looks so fabulous. We just have to keep in in line with Shakira’s style. Well for that matter, a lot of celebrities fashion style is, similar. Imagine this tip with a pair of low rise washed out look skinny jeans. You know, the kind of the cut outs on the legs. Perhaps with a pair of knee high boots. Top that off with a nice round hat and some large ear rings. Next thing you know…guys will be coming up to you, “hi, how ya doin’”

You just gotta remember to tell them that your ears are on your head and not…well I won’t go there.


U 2 Kewl
Now here is a dress. I can sorta like umm classify it as Shakira style. But then I don’t know. Maybe you can decide that one. It should be if it isn’t. It has the looks. The off shoulder and the clingy material. Maybe we should take a poll. Is this dress Shakira style. If not. What celebrity fashion would it classify under. Hmmm…Let the reader’s vote

 CELEBRITY FASHION WILL CONTINUE.Celebrity fashion will continue no matter who follows it or not. Some people find it totally ridiculous. Others follow it religiously. I think there needs to be like a balance on it. Definitely, celebrity fashion has brought us popular trends whether that be for better or worse. Life would be boring if it wasn’t for the diversity we humans can bring to society. I think it is cool. I think U 2 Kewl. Cheers…steve64501

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