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Friday, January 13, 2012

By Steve64501
Every woman today should know how to wear skinny jeans. The skinny jeans has become an almost must in every woman’s wardrobe. Take a walk around your malls or downtown area and you see just how popular skinny jeans have become. It is sad to say that you see just how many women do not understand how to wear skinny jeans in a way that flatters their body. Hence the false myth: curvaceous women should not wear skinny jeans.

In order to understand how to wear skinny jeans you should know there are different types of skinny jeans. One type may not work for your body type but one of the others will. First there is the true skinny. They get skinnier from the top of the thigh to the ankle. There is another that is skinny on the thigh but the calf is straight. You can even find them flared at the calf. Then there is the straight skinny. Basically a straight cut jean with a slight taper.

So no matter what body type you have or what body flaws you have you can still wear skinny jeans. Choose the right type and accessorize it correctly and you will have a “d y n o m I t e” outfit that flatters your body. So just keep reading and you will learn how to wear skinny jeans and become an avid fan of the skinny jean craze.

THE TRUE SKINNY JEAN For the skinny petite woman, the woman with the boyish figure you have the true skinny jeans. It is easy for these women to learn how to wear skinny jeans. These jeans can help accentuate their figure in a flattering way. To stay on the conservative side I would recommend staying with the mid-rise. However, in the right environment the hard body younger women may wear the low-rise jeans. The older women should dress their age.

These women should avoid the jeans that do not have a back pocket. If you do not have the wide hips avoid the over sized back pockets. Many of these women may not have that much of a booty. If that be you, your skinnies should have medium sized back pockets preferably with a flap.

If you are short and need to look taller dress in monochromatic shades of a lighter colors. Your jeans and top should pretty much be the same color. If you wear print it should be small print. The buttons should be small. Heels can help add height. If you are tall use color to break up the height. Blue jeans with a red blouse is an example. You can also wear a wide belt in which short women should avoid.

STAIGHT OR FLARED CALFMany women with an apple shape has very nice legs and upper torso. They just need to draw attention away from the mid torso. So skinny jeans can flatter their figure. These women should avoid the low rise jeans. The belt line should rest about and inch below the belly button.

STRAIGHT SKINNIESThese skinnies are for the large curvaceous woman. They are also ideal for the office environment on casual day. Avoid the no back pocket or the small pockets. Wear these with a narrow belt. Wear lighter shades if you are emphasizing your lower torso. Darker shade with light color on top if you wish to emphasize the upper torso. These can be worn with flats or heels. As with all skinnies you can get them with a stretch material. So definitely try them on to make sure they aren’t too tight

Make sure the length is correct. This holds true for all your outfits. You can have a great outfit but if the pants are too short it will kill the look. So here you have it any woman can learn how to wear skinny jeans. They aren’t just for skinny women. These are just rules of thumb. Weigh them out and see what is right for you. One thing is for certain. You learn how to wear skinny jeans you will join that craze because skinnies are here to stay.

These are for the women who are shapely from hip to thigh but their calves are disproportioned. To learn how to wear these skinny jeans just requires you to know what you want to accentuate and what you wish to draw attention away from. Heels are a definite plus with these jeans. If you are an apple or pear shape you can accessorize it with a frock top or a tunic. Make sure it is not a knitted fabric which is clingy. This will prevent drawing attention to the mid section. Avoid tops that are tucked into the jeans. If you do wear a blazer with it.

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