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Monday, January 23, 2012

Skirts and Prom Gowns

Skirts and Prom Gowns
By Steve64501

Updating the store U 2 Kewl today will continue to add more things in the next few days. On my walk over here to the library the sky was grey. I think the prediction was rain turning to sleet turning to snow.
Then my mind started roaming. It does that often. We are almost into February. Winter is coming to an end. Well in a couple months. That will be over before you know it.

So I started myself to thinking I need to start adding spring and summer. Holy Cow, prom will be here before you know it. I need to add some Prom gowns. Holy Toledo, Valentines day will be coming up. What a perfect time to pop the question. And if she says "yes", she'll need that gown.

So to make a story short here is a peek and some of the things I have added.
From US FAIRY TALES Elegant Prom Printed Dress #2631

This gown is like totally there. It is elegant. You make your red carpet entrance in this
you will be awesome.

From Hot a Leopard print strapless maxi party dress

I saw this and I thought WOW. This is hot. Are you bold enough to wear this. Hmmm.
I do not think it will look very good on me though. Tell me what you think if you were to show up at the party in thins.


From Cinderella Fuchsia Black Strapless High Low Sweet 16 Prom Party Dress
This dress is Dynamite. This dress has the looks but leaves room to move around
This is the dress to get out on the floor
and start rockin'.

Not everything is formal though. I took a few minutes to add some skirts also.
Let me know what you think of these Skirts.

From Tripp NYC is the Tripp Pink Plaid Pleated Black Tulle Skirt
This is a cute sexy plaid dress.
Now whoever says plaid
is for the old fashioned not for the sexy
is looney. I think this little skirt can rock if it is accessorised properly.
Gotta have the pony tails.

Kenneth Cole Women's Sequin Skirt
This skirt is classy. It can be worn as a cocktail outfit
or even a work outfit. Nice white blouse with a blazer hair up in a bun
you are set for work.
Take the blazer off flip up the collar undo a few button
and let the hair down. OMG, there is a tigress on the prowl.

Nollie Stripe Tribal Skirt

This skirt is awesome for day wear. It look so comfortable.
Excellent for school, shopping or having that
cup of java. The price is unbelievable also.

Well there you have it for Skirts and Gowns.
I be adding more as the days progress
so please stop by and keep browsing around.
Let me know what you think
From what cheap prom gowns to sexy prom gowns
to skirts and shirts. uh ohhh. I guess i will
be having to add the shirts also.

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