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Monday, January 9, 2012

Three Easy Steps To Shopping Online
Doreen, who works as an administrative secretary, came home following a hectic day at work. She completed all the menial tasks at home, ate dinner, and showered. Now relaxing in her easy chair with her laptop she starts browsing for an outfit to wear to the Christmas Party for her work.

As with a lot of companies the Christmas Party can be compared to a mini-fashion extravaganza. Most of the women displays their best outfits to show off. One may arrive wearing a very prim Worthington outfit she purchased at J C Penny. Another may come in a dress by Merona she purchased at Target.
Doreen knew what to expect and decided to browse the internet to pick just the right dress. She found that dress made the purchase and just as sure as anything the dress never showed. It turned out the store she chose to shop at was a small store and the owner didn’t have the merchandise to back up his ad.

Sad to say, it probably happens more than it should. That and a few other discouraging things can always turn people away from shopping on the internet. So I have outlined three easy steps to shopping on-line that will help to avoid such pitfalls.

Shop from well known reputable stores

Shop from well known reputable stores would probably rank high on the list. Sure if you can afford to gamble a little without cutting in to your budget then that awesome outfit that is offered by a store you know absolutely nothing about could be worth the risk. I am not putting down the small internet stores. However, if you are on a budget and can’t afford the risk you are better off with a larger well know on-line store.

This is why with the Fashion Shopette I chose my affiliation with Amazon. I know of a great many people who will shop on the internet with no one other than Amazon. They are fair and very trustworthy.

E-bay is another but there is one problem with E-bay that I have known. E-bay offers a platform for other sellers. You may find yourself in a similar situation with that seller. Your beef then is with that seller not E-bay.

Shipping PolicyA company that takes forever in shipping their merchandise makes it hard on others who are trying to get your merchandise to you quickly. Especially, when the customer may opt not ordering online and instead go to Target, Walmart, or some other store and walk out with the merchandise after they pay for it.
A Good Return PolicyAlways, always, always make sure there is a good return policy. Check to see if returns can be shipped free or if the buyer has to pay for the return shipping. Make sure you know what their policy is before you order the product.
With Amazon; yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m a sucker for Amazon- they have an excellent return policy. Most the items you buy from Amazon can be returned within thirty days. There are stipulations and exceptions you need to review their return policy for exact situations.

What is their Return Policy

There is probably nothing more aggravating than to spend your hard earned money on a product and then waiting 10 weeks to receive it. Check to make sure the store promises shipping the merchandise in a reasonable amount of time. Again, with Amazon, when you make your order Amazon states how long it will take for you to get your merchandise. If they do not have a policy on shipping the merchandise or the time is unreasonable by all means find someone else to order from.

There are ways to minimize the reason for return. One shop by designer that you are familiar with. If you like Metrostyle design your familiar with their design then you can be rest assured that when you order the size 8 that you normally wear will fit.

Also read customer reviews if you are unfamiliar with the designer. If the particular item you want has no reviews check to see if you can find any reviews on other items by that designer. You could look at sale banner for Ugg boots and decide you like them. However after reading the customer reviews you notice they aren’t weather resistant. That $200 pair of boots gets ruined when you went out in the snow with them.

You order size 8 Aldo wedge that you normally wear to discover that you should have ordered a size 9. Check to see what other customers had to say before you order the item. Most of the time you get some good feedback.
Shopping successfully with three easy steps can be fun. I would also like to invite all to shop at Fashion Shopette. You can find some great bargains at super savings. And who knows…it could be, you go to your work Christmas party with a classic that everyone has to know, “Hey Doreen, I love your dress. Where did you get it?” You can be the Diva de Fashionista.
(Note: This blog is a reprint from a previous blog I had, Fashion Shopette. I opened with this because I felt it would be relevant to this blog site as well.)

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