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Friday, January 13, 2012


Hot Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Women
By Steve 64501

Here is a pair of hot skinny jeans for the plus size women and a few items to go with them. To make and ensemble of how to wear skinny jeans for the plus sizes. I would most dearly welcome your comments on what you think of my ensemble.

Levi plus size skinny jeans

These Jeans are For that Plus size woman with straight hips, narrow
thighs and a flat bottom. These skinnies are designed to define
and enhance your curves.

E Vogue Apparel plus size tunic

This Tunic in my opinion is very sleek and stylish.
Worn with the above Skinnies will have you looking
very trendy.

Hollywood Solid Pashimina scarf
This scarf will accessorized with this outfit
will add a little color. There are several
assorted colors to choose from. I think the red will
liven up the two blacks. What do you think?

White Mt. Women"s Giggle Dress Boot
Finish this outfit with these pair of boots and
you will be looking dyn-o-mite. Well, at least I think you will.
But then again...I welcome your opinion.
Any way this is my selection of an ensemble
on how to wear skinny jeans for the plus size woman.
Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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