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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hot Winter Jackets On Sale

By Steve64501
In an effort to find some hot winter jackets on sale I came across a very good article in Elle Magazine by Sydney Wasserman :
“The Big Chill: Winter Coat Guide”. There are some awesome winter jackets on sale that looks splendid. That, in my opinion, can always be expected with Elle Magazine. If you are looking for some winter jackets on sale I encourage everyone to take a look at that article. One of my favorites I liked was the Burberry Brit hooded duffle coat. Still as awesome as some of those coats were the prices were kind of steep. I took a look in the U 2 Kewl store and found one I thought I would post. I welcome your input on my choice and even add some choices of your own. Here is my pick for the Hot Winter Jackets on sale.


This is the Tommy Hilfiger Women's Cozy Down Jacket. It Normally sales for $150 but is now $105 in the U 2 Kewl fashion store. Some other great buys are there as well.

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