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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Four Tips To Find Affordable Outfits

BY steve64501
In this article I will offer tips on how to find affordable outfits. There are times when you can become frustrated. You stand at one rack with a blouse in one hand. You read that sign on top of the rack. “Buy one get the second 50% off”. Sounds like a deal, so you toss it in the cart.
Three days later you sit in your room. Holding that second top in your hand. That voice in your head won’t stay quiet. “Why did I buy this top.” Sometimes you have to ask yourself are those sales really saving me money. We will sort through some of the sale tricks and shopping behaviors and you will realize how much money you can save. In addition you will be in control to buying your affordable outfits.
First you need to understand one thing. When stores make their promotions and sales they are doing it to make money. Most of that money comes from impulse buyers. Same holds true for any stores. That is why the gum and candy as well as women’s gossip magazines are at the cash registers in most of your grocery stores.

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TIP 1:
So to come up with some ideas for outfits you need to understand what your style is. When you see an outfit on someone and you say to yourself…”Now, I like that outfit”. Whether it is some passerby on the sidewalk or photo in your favorite fashion magazine. Ask yourself why you like that outfit.
Perhaps you like it because of the v-neck, boat neck, plunging neckline. Or maybe the spaghetti straps, strapless, full sleeves or the ¾ sleeves. Could it be the print pattern or the clingy silk material that hugs the curves. Discover what things you like to see on an outfit that makes it appeal to you.
That is your style. When you go shopping shop for those items. Then you are in control. Why should I buy this one blouse and get another one free if you don’t like it. All it is going to do is sit in the closet. It isn’t fashionable attire for you. So now you understand what your style is you are ready to make your ideas for outfits.

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Choose them in blacks, grays, white and brown shades. You can buy your blouses in color. Select the deeper bold colors for the black and dark gray slacks and skirts. Select lighter your colors in lighter shades for the white and beige colors.
You can buy one pair of slacks and one skirt. Select three blouses for them. In addition to one sweater and two blazers and maybe a few scarves. Then you can create several different looks utilizing the same pieces. This is taking control by putting your ideas for outfits to work. This is taking control and finding your affordable outfits. This is filling your closet with a wardrobe of fashionable attire.

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First some of the items on these sales are outfits that are soon to be fading in the fashion trends. So if you are dressing to keep up with the trends…that bargain you find may be outdated come next season. Will it just sit in your closet and take up space. If so you aren’t saving money.
Second thing to consider is does that item fit into the guidelines you made for your “ideas for outfits”. Or are you buying it because it looks so cute. Then you need to ask yourself are you in control or are you falling prey to the impulse buying the store is aiming for. Granted nothing wrong with buying a tank top and getting the second 50% off. You can wear them around the house or just casual wear to go to the store or where ever.
You can find even better sales at your local stores during your pre and post season sales. Also after Christmas. It is possible during these sales to find items that are discounted 50-70% off. I would suggest trying to stick to items that are tried and true and most likely will be in style for years to come. Your little black dress is one example of this. Another is the skinny jeans. The skinny jeans have introduced themselves and now has become almost a necessity in every woman’s wardrobe. Make sure you buy the right skinny jean for your body shape.

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There are other websites such as Amazon where you can choose how you shop. Shop by the designer label, shop by discount percentage or shop by how much you want to spend. For example Amazon allows you to shop for dresses over $75. You can also look at dresses between $25-$50. Or you can shop for dresses that are under $25.
You can also shop at what is know as a-stores. These stores are for affiliate marketers. My store site is one such as this. You are buying from Amazon but I place products that I think people will like. I try to keep a variety in my store. I strive to keep quality products or products that have positive reviews at a reasonable price.
One thing I hate is getting on the phone and all I get is a recording. “Press 1 to talk to… press 2 if you…press 3...” You know the routine. I have my blog site and store site linked together. I wish to strive for a personal service. My visitors can leave a comment, e mail me or leave a message on the google group that I have created just for this. If you can please visit my site at U 2 Kewl. I hope these four tips to how to find affordable outfits will help you put your ideas for outfits to work in finding fashionable attire.
Consider buying online. There are stores that specializes in selling designer outfits that are out of season. With these sites you can buy popular designer pieces that may list for $700 discounted down to $200.
Take charge and utilize your ideas for outfits at the sales you find in the stores. Stores create their sales to lure in customers. You can find some good bargains at the sales. Buy one item get the second on at 50% off can be a bargain if you consider a 25% discount a deal. Two things to consider when buying them.
You have your list of ideas for outfits that you feel is fashionable attire. How do you use it to find affordable outfits? The best way is to remember a few rules. One find you slacks and skirts in a neutral color.
In order for you to find your affordable outfits you need to have some ideas for outfits. At one time wearing a fashionable outfit was the worry of young women. Today it wearing fashionable outfits can become a preoccupation with women in general. Young or old and body shapes of every sort.

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