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Monday, January 30, 2012

In Style With Off Shoulder Tops


By  Steve64501
Do you dress in style with off the shoulder tops? It doesn't really matter whether you are talking about day wear or evening wear. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, it doesn't really matter what body shape you are. Off the shoulder tops are one of the most eye appealing looks there are. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about single shoulder outfits or halter style outfits. Baring the shoulders just has that...that very special look.

Take for example the SAG 2012 awards All the outfits were terriefic. However, there is always a "however", in my opinion Heather Morris really stood out from the rest. She arrived there wearing a stunning off the shoulder black leather mini with a sheer skirt layered on top. Now I know that is just my opion, I am a guy, what do I know. The look is very stylish if it is done correctly.

I hope to demonstrate how terrific the look actually is. Does that make me the ultimate authority? Far from it. You judge for yourself.  Following are a few examples off the shoulder looks 


Here is Meari J. A japanese singer and songwriter.
She is wearing this red with print off the shoulder t-shirt
complimentedwith a some black leggings. A belt sashed at the waist.
A necklace. I think the red color of the shirt and her hair style
really brings off this look.

Here is, yes you got it, Jessica Simpson.
Her stardome as a singer may
not have been all that great. But her
endorsement carries a lot of prestige.
Here she is addressing the 2010 retail
ads campaign dressed in white slacks
and a off the shouler blouse it looks like blue
 with long sleeves. She not only looks nice here
but looks very professional. So whether it is
off the shouder t shirts or an off the shoulder blouse
they both look very good. The t-shirt just looks more
casual for day time wear.


Now we have the off the shoulder dresses. As worn by Beyonce.
Elegance is elegance. No doubt about it.
This  off the shoulder dress speaks for
itself. Of course, I think beyonce helped
just a tad. No article of clothing is
considered stylish if it decorates a hanger.


Now here is Megan Fox with this yellow off the shoulder sleeveless top.
Now as I mentioned earlier, this look can be very
awesome if it is worn correctly. I personnaly do not
like this look. I think she would have
looked  a lot better in a red top with sleeves.
Yellow just isn't her color. I think the sleeves would have just
made the outfits rock.

Off the shoulder look can be very eye appealing. Let me see, I think I already said that. There is one catch to it though.It needs to be worn correctly. It doesn't matter if it is off the shoulder t-shirts or Off the shoulder dresses. Off the shoulder shirts they are no exception. Depending on your body type, your skin tone or your hair color you can make this look rock.

Shopping for off the shoulder tops can also be fun. Looking at the luxurious
outfits, Nothing wrong with dreaming. Then all of the sudden there it
is. You could just swear you would never be able to afford these
kind of outfits. But this one you can...and look hot in it also.
Try for yoursellf. luxurious prices to fashion on a budget.
Off the shoulder tops

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