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Monday, April 30, 2012

Reader's Poll: Spring/Summer Evening Look

Reader's Poll: Spring/Summer Evening Look
By: Steve Millard

As we draw near to the sping and summer
so also do we draw near to the spring/summer fashions.
So I decided today
to do a blog
as a Reader's Poll: Spring/Summer Evening Look.
Now I know that what is an
esceptional look to one
is undesireable for another.
I created this poll
for fun to see and you the reader can
follow it as well.
Which of these three
dresses are the most appealing
as the best Spring/Summer Evening Fashion look.
So welcome to the
Reader's Poll: Spring/Summer Evening Look.
Which dress would you wear for an evening out on the town.
Uhh hum...Please, allow me to introduce
the three entries.

Rebecca Minkoff Women's Ponte Lori DressFrom Rebecca Minkoff

Question: Considering the Spring/Summer fashion what would make the reader vote for you.?

Answer: My darling...Just take a look at me, .hmmm
I am like totally there.
You know what I am saying.
It's like uh what woman wouldn't like
totally  rock once she put me on.
Now please don't misunderstand but
uhh let's face it
I am totally there
for the woman who
wants to have that uhh
"knock em dead look"

BCBGeneration Women's Cut Out DressFrom BCBGeneration

Question: Why would the reader's vote you to be the best
Spring/Summer evening look?

Answer: Well I am for the woman
who is confident in her most exquisite beauty.
I am extremely proud of how I can accentuate
her long legs. Not to mention
offer a tease on the shoulders.
Don't you think my little cut out design on the
shoulders is sexy.
Hah you don't even have to answer that.
I know it is.
The sleeveless look
also allow me to take that tease to the
fullest yet remain
in my feminimity.
I just know the women
will vote for me.

BCBGeneration Women's Back Drape DressFrom BCBGeneration

Question: Why do you think the reader's should vote for you?
Answer: Ahh, I can't even imagine
you asking that.
Take a look at me.
I am able to do three things
to help any woman be noticed.
I am made to cling to a woman's curves.
I can also allow the woman
show off her long legs.
Then with my neckline be able to show a
hint of my chest.
I am very feminine and deserve
to be the best look for Spring/summer fashinable evening look.

There you have it ladies
Your three evening looks
for the spring and summer fashion.
Cast you vote now.

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