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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adding Stripes To Your Spring Fashions

Adding Stripes To Your Spring Fashions
By: Steve Millard

Consider adding stripes to your spring fashions can be
a very positive move. Despite what
some may steer away from the stripes.
Stripes are very stylish
in the spring fashion 2012 trends.
Every Stock Photo

Stipes are not only "in"
they can appeal to most any style.
Be it day wear, evening wear, professional,
boho which every.
Take a look at
"Shop The Celebrity Trend: Stipes"
By Sadie Strehlke
for The Icon Consierge.
My favorite look here is Chanel Iman.
The look is so appealing and comfortable
and at the same time so stylish.
Which look do you prefer?
The question remains though is how to make stripes work for
your spring fashions.
Check out these tips on how to wear stripes
for your spring fashions.
I am sure you will be pleased
and may even prefer
to carry it over into the summer.
Participate in the poll below
and let me know what you think
about adding stripes to your spring fashion.
Drop a comment or two
and be kewl in your spring fashions.

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