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Monday, April 23, 2012

Intimate Apparel Naughty or Nottie

Intimate Apparel: Naughty or Nottie
By Steve Millard
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Here is a poll to allow the reader to vote on the Intimate Apparel: Naughty or Nottie. When you consider for a moment the appeal Lingerie has on people.
Lingerie has the ability to make a woman feel sexy. Why by golly you dont even have to wear it for that significant other.

Nothing could be more luxurious than an eveing alone after a sensenual bath
slipping into that little naughty lingerie piece. Being alone allows you
to even wear for more than five minutes.

You can even make it an eveining having a night in with the significant other and having dinner by candlelight wearing that little number that makes you feel sexy.
Rule number one...The significant other has to remain in his seat til after dinner.
Hve fun teasing...wearing that number and see how creative you can be while eating strawberries, bananas, or...well I gues I dont have to go on.

Here is a fun quote by Shannen Doherty

If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?
~ Shannen Doherty

Cast your vote on which Baby doll lingerie is the "naughty one"
The one with the least votes is the nottie one.
Interested in seeing more Hanky Panky.

Stay close to keep track of the results Bookmark or favorite this page
and visit often. Drop a comment on what you think.
Cheers til later.

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