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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shop Spring Prints

A few ideas to consider when you shop fpring prints may benefit greatly. To a few the print pattern whether floral, stripes, or just outright colorful prints may be a turn off. There are those who my hold to the Idea that "Jeez...prints are for girly girls". You know the type...the strong independent woman making her claim..."Yeah...just give me my blue jeans, ya know, those baggy ones half way down my butt to show off my BF boxers." Nothing at all wrong with that dress. Likewise...there is nothing at all wrong with spring prints. Spring Prints can brighten your mood as well as those around you. They may build upon your feminimity. So one thing to consider is when you shop spring prints buy the prints that will accentuate you. A few tips are listed here...
1) Bold prints for medium to dark skin tones.
2) Pastel colors for pale to medium skin tone.
Note: In cases of dyed hair, tats, body jewelry and piercings experiment...take a trusted friend whose opinion you trust and have fun trying on different outfits to see what one is for you.
3) Petite women should consider small prints with small pockets as well as other details.
4) Larger women or busty should choose larger print.
Here are a few Spring Prints at affordable prices.

You can save 68% on this Sakkas print dress. Two Print styles to choose from. The longer hemline
which is also a trend for the 2012 spring/summer look.
You can read the customer reviews here

By Fine Brand Shop this dress has a very colorful print patter at a very affordable price. The ruffled
tube, bow, and halter creates a very feminine spring look.

This dress also by Fine Brand Shop is very colorful with spaghetti straps, a smocking waist
and definitely a budget deal.

I hope you do enjoy my selections for Shopping Spring prints and hope you add some comments
as whether you like or not.

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