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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stretch Marks: Woes Of Spring/Summer Fashion

Stretch Marks: Woes Of Spring/Summer Fashion
By: Steve Millard

Those undesireable stretch marks, the woes of spring/summer fashion, prevents many women today from donning the fashion apparel they desire for reasons of being embarrased to display their stretch marks. Sad to say is that those stretch marks are caused from the skin being stretched beyond its capacity to mend itself. It is believed by many to be caused from pregnancy which is only a partial truth. During the last trimester of a woman's pregnancy is when most of her weight gain occurs and yes it can be a cause of those stretch marks. For some it is in the genes. The horomone glucocorticoid prevents the body from forming the elastic fibers for keeping the skin tight. (Wikipedia: Stretchmarks)
Deispite the cause...75-90% Women develope these stretchmarks during pregnancy.
However, pregnancy isn't the only contributing factor that causes stretch marks.
Horomonal changes during puberty resulting in weight gain or weight loss may also be the cause of stretch marks. Body builders may also suffer from stretch marks. So for these it is
adviseable to do your body sculpting in stages to allow the skin to ease into it.

So the question now is...How do I get rid of these marks? There are many many ideas on how to prevent stretch marks and how to eliminate stretch marks. Some work and sad to say some may not work that well. Even the ones that work some of the scarring still will exist especially in cases where the stretch marks are extremely prominent. In many cases much of the scarring can be treated. One of the best treatments I have found in my research has been That of "Striafade Stretch Mark Cream".
Out of 8,492 votes cast it received a 4.5 star review.
It is good for all types of stretch marks.
It had excellent test results in preventing as well
as repairing stretch marks.

So if those stretch marks are preventing you from dressing
the way you desire for this spring or summer.
You wish to try something that just may work...
Try Striafade and within a short time dress in that bikini, crop top
or other dynamite outfits that make summer fun.

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