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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Fashion Ideas

Spring Fashion Ideas
By Steve Millard

Have you ever been in a stump with spring fashion ideas?
You know those days when your brain just seems
to freeze. "Geez, I can't think!" seems to
echo in the background
of that endless
mind chatter.
Well, here are a few spring fashion ideas.
I hope you find these helpful.

I would like to thank ahanhbarbie34 from
youtube for this wonderful video.
In the spirit of spring fashion she offers
some spectacular color choices.
Winter has ended and spring offers
new life as the trees begins to bud
and flowers start to bloom.
Your spring attire may
do the same by
celebrating it by
adding the spectacular colors and loose flowy material.
I can't help but think how alive
it can make you feel.

My favorite outfit in her selections
is the double breaasted
Also the short skirt.
So many things can be done
to accesorize
this little number.
It creates an excellent seperate
to for the spring fashion trends
for 2012.
Don this little skirt
for your 70's look or
your boho style.

All in all I hope
you can gain some
great ideas for your spring fashion
by this short yet great
Who said that fashion
had to be out of reach of the piocketbook.
Ahanhbsrbie34's ideas are not only
terrific but they are also affordable.

Please feel free to add any comments
on this and check out some of her other
I hope you check out
some of the outfits
that can be found in the
U 2 Kewl store.

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