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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Trend: Can I Wear Black Tights With Lighter Shoes?

Spring Trend: Can I wear Black Tights With Lighter Shoes?
By Steve Millard

Considering Spring Trends one might ask "Can I wear black tights with lighter shoes?"
It is a Style that comes in  and fades
and seems to return as a revewed
fashion trend.
Walking down the streets
here in Chicago
you can notice that is isn't
all that unusual. Especially in winter
but is it a good spring trend.

Every Stock Photo

Paris Hilton was seen recently wearing
dark hose paired with silver shoes.
Then again she isn't the lone ranger.
There has been a few celebrities dressing in this style.

In an article I read by Cynthia Nellis, "Black Tights and Lighter Shoes
Love or Hate This latest fahion trend?"
Cynthia makes mention on how this style may
spoil the slendering effect of dressing in all black.

Now I read a few commentaries of fashion consultants
that frowned upon the all black.
according to them bloack doens't go with black.
Now I am sure Johny Cash would disagree.

Another point of view to consider is that
some say your style of clothes
should create a smooth line from the feet
leading up to the head.
Hmm, Interesting.
The shoes are going to spoil this
They are gonna jump right out
and catch your attention.
Forget the smooth line.

(Every Stock Photo)

Is this a style that appeals to you?
Next time you are in the store
browsing around looking
at all the things you want.
Would it occur to you
that-Yes, this is my style!
I goota have it for my new spring trend.
Then buy those black tights
with red, silver,or pink shoes.
Cast you vote
Love it or leave it.

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