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Friday, March 9, 2012

Marissa Miller SuperModel

By Steve Millard
Sometimes the ladder we must climb to reach that success may seem a long and tedious journey. Often times I have heard comments “how do I become a fashion model?” . Of course the reference to fashion models is actually a reference to runway models in the high fashion. For some the thought of commercial/advertisement models isn’t so prestigious. One look at Marissa Miller supermodel shows it can pay off.
Marissa miller started her modeling career at the age of 16 years old when she was spotted by two Italian modeling scouts. On a plane with her Mom headed for Italy gave her she got her feet wet with modeling. Although only doing amateur modeling; a picture of her was noticed by Mario Testino who met with her and offered her a job. That photo shoot became an editorial for Vogue Magazine in both the American and Italian editions.
After that things seemed to sky rocket for Marissa. Within a half a year she was working with Victoria Secrets and Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition. As I mentioned earlier sometimes the road we take can seem long and tedious. At times we may question it. In the case of Marissa from 1994 to 2002 it probably seemed long and tedious. After 2002 things just started happening.
So being a supermodel just isn’t isolated to being on the catwalk at the NY fashion week or Milan or Paris. A woman can become a quite successful model as an editorial, commercial, and advertisement model. Then who knows, that could be the stepping stone to becoming a VS Angel.

This next video is for Marissa and hope all can
consider helping in her dedication to
salute the men in uniform that protect
our freedom and nation.
Our salute to her.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog.
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