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Monday, March 5, 2012

Deal Of The Week

Deal Of The Week
By Steve Millard

Exotic Eyes For Your Spring Trends
Why not add a little oomph to your looks
by creating exotic eyes for your
Spring Trends.
Spring closes in and along with it
Mardi Gras
and just stunning fashion
for your clubbing.
These exotic eyes will
have you lkooking glam faubulous.

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Here is customer review for these eyelashes.

By Miss Tierra
Like everyone, I wondered how these were going to work out...they look awesome and professional, people thought I really did my own makeup. I had a hard time taking the backing off for application, it took awhile figuring out how to peel it off the plastic but once applied these looked great! Im buying the other kits now.

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OK here we go for the deal of the week...what a way to
celebrate The revamped look of U 2 Kewl fashion store.
Awesome buys in women's Fashion.
Mostly lined up by Designer Label.
Designers such as Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson,
Forever 21, Prada, DKNY and more.
To celebrate it though here is a special treat.

As you probably guessed this week's deal
is Forever 21.

Forever 21 Scoop Neck Elasticized Dolman Sleeves Cinched Waist Lined Skirt Dress Taupe

This dress is so comfortable. The look of Springtime.
Normally lists at $49.00
buy it now for $25.00.
Speaking of cheap women's dresses.
That makes this woman's dress cheap.
I invite you to take a look at the dress
and the new look for the store
drop me a comment and tell me what you think.

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