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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

D&G Spring Trends 2012

By Steve Millard

At a loss for how to dress for the Spring Trends this year.
You may wish to consider the D&G Spring Trends for 2012.
I look at this fashion style and the first thing comes to my
mind is Easter. That is a Spring Holiday, right?

When you consider how many ways that you can color
an easter egg. D&G did that for their spring collection.
Well, not eggs, but models. Hmm here is an interesting idea.
Instead of hiding eggs you hide models.
You have an Easter Model Hunt.
Do I get to keep her???

Seriously though, D&G had a spectacular
Spring Trend look to the fashion show.
A lot of prints carried the show.
He utilized the prints
in three different ways.

1) Monochromatic prints. A good selection
of print patterns in pastel that remained  the
same from shoes to tops. And i must add
 everything in between.

2) Mix Match patterns. D&G coordinated
 two and three different print patterns
to form the whole outfits.
A skirt in red print with a
blouse in yellow print
and a jacket in a neutral print.
The hand bag in seperate print.
He did and excellent job at the
coordination of the Print patterns.

3) A few of the outfits
were print with solid.
The solid were either
bright pastel or neutral.
These looked very classy.

So this is an idea to consider
to include into your spring trends.
Pick up some nice floral
prints and mix match them together
or buy a couple outfits with beautiful print
My favorite was kind of a red
print halter dress that came to mid thigh.
 So enjoy yourself this spring
dressing in prints.
Maybe I should start making a
list of volunteers
who will be my
Easter Model Hunt.
Have fun with your Spring Fashion trends 2012.

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