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Friday, March 2, 2012

She wore a What?


MARCH 9, 2012
Here is some old news.
However sometinmes old news
can still be good news.
After all, when it is about
Amber heard it has to be good.
Well, Most of the time I guess.
I guess it wasn't so good news
when she came out of the closet.
A mans fantasy destroyed...
I have no chance. LOL
As if I had a chance.
Well maybe I can don a dress
put on a wig.
No, on the serious side.
It is nice to come out
and just be who you are.
More power to her.
But I have here two dynamite
 One is of her at the
Mont Blanc/Vanity Fair party
wearing an Antonio Berardi
embellished dress. I think it look totally
awesome. The design is totally awesome.
The second is of her at the
"Rum Diary Premeire"

Which Do you like better.
I think I prefer the second.

This weekly feature will show
some quite fashionable outfits and trends
as well as bizarre fashion flops.
This week's She wore a what
is actually
fairly nice.
Take a look

Every Stock Photo

Nick Minaj on june 29, 2011
in Tacoma, Washington.
This flared dress I find to be
quite attractive.
Kind of a spring look
to it with the color pattern.
What do you say.

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