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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alessandra Ambrosio: Fashion Model

A Down To Earth Angel
By Steve Millard
Imagine for a moment a young pre-adolescent teen growing up seeing Clint Eastwood playing in one of may westerns. Ahh, So kewl! I want to be cowboy when I grow up. Well at least until I watched MASH…ohm I am gonna be in the ARMY when I grow up. That is until….LOL.
That is the impression I get of childhood dreams. What I want to be many times can change over and over and over again. To meet someone who desired to be something at a young age. Then actually pursued it to completion. I think that is Rare. Especially if you consider that person to be an Aries Ram. I am one. I fill the bill pretty much.
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Alesandra Ambrosia though must have a strong rising sign that alters the influence of Mars. Most Aries are born leaders but usually get restless and cant see things through to the end. So when Alesandra decided to be a model at the young age of 8 and see where she is today. That I find amazing.

She signed up for modeling school at 12 years old and by 14 was one of 20 finalists in a modeling competition. At 15 years old she was modeling for Dilson Stein. Her career took a turn to international. Now as on of VS exclusive angels and spoke model for their pink line. You would think that such fame would turn people into very uppity. Seeing Alesandra in interviews she seems so down to earth. Like many of the models I am coming to find out as with many other models that believes in caring is sharing. Whether it is money or time most of them believe in supporting some cause.
In the case of Alesandra she is an ambassador for the National Mulitple Sclerosis Society. That makes her so blessed. A real angel.
And an extraordinary beautiful Angel.
Here she is in a couple videos. I hope you enjoy.

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